RULES + VIDEO == 12 Days of Thanksgiving ‘GROOM & GLAM GIVEAWAY!’

12 Happy Days of Thanksgiving

12 Happy Days of Thanksgiving

Maltese Obsession is passionate and obsessed with grooming and glamorizing items.   We have our favorite GO TO Grooming Tools ~~ GTGT as well as our favorite GO TO GLAMORIZING BLING!!!

MOH often has excess so we give our friends and clients grooming items to try as we love sharing in the fun of grooming our maltese babies.    GROOMING NERDS is a community of friends that I find great JOY in.

Christmas is fast approaching and we are all familiar with the 12 DAYS of Christmas, so I thought we’d get in the HOLIDAY JOY and celebrate ~~~~

The 12 Happy Days of Thanksgiving

Groom & Glam (BLING) Giveaway



  • Must be 18 years or older to qualify
  • Must be a MalteseObsession BLOG Subscriber + YouTube Subscriber + MalteseObsession FACEBOOK member
  • Must take delivery of giveaway in the United States (I apologize, but the shipping cost outside of U.S. is too high)

    One or More of the 12 Days May Include a Happy Thanksgiving PHOTO CONTEST!

    One or More of the 12 Days May Include a Happy Thanksgiving PHOTO CONTEST!


  • We will post 12 days of Pictures marked with Day 1 or Day 2 or Day 3 etc
  • Winners will be chosen from the COMMENT section here on our BLOG and/or Maltese Obsession FACEBOOK page
  • We INVITE you to post any PICTURE on our Maltese Obsession FACEBOOK page as well if you want to catch our attention!   Yes, COMMENTS DIRECTLY ONTO OUR MO FACEBOOK Page will count!
  • PICTURES of your Pet Maltese posted on our FB page must be owned by Subscriber (eg.   no borrowing other peoples photos please)
  • Winners will be randomly chosen by a MO Team Member
  • You must post on that particular DAY # in order to be qualified for that day.   Example:   if you comment on Day 1, you will only qualify for the Day 1 giveaway
  • Once a winner we will verify SUBS (youtube & FB) and work out shipping arrangements.    Shipping will be done via ground postal.  *(^.^)*

FINALE Day 12 — Please enter comments DAILY in order to qualify for the Day 12 Grand Prize.   Yes, you can win more then one day.   Winners are chosen completely by RANDOM.

NOTE:   The reason the contest is being announced from our BLOG is so that we can open the GIVEAWAY up to our Youtube and Google and other friends outside of FB.

Groom & Glam Giveaway Items include but are not exclusive to:

  • Madan Grooming Aprons – I use these to keep from getting wet when bathing the dogs ==== THANK YOU Jenny @ for donating these aprons for this giveaway!
  • Madan Grooming Comb with x-long pins in Autumn Orange
  • Madan PIN Brush in HOLIDAY RED
  • Pure Paws Travel KIT — winner can choose between the Reconstructing Line, H20 line or SILK Line == we’ve talked about this in our videos
  • DOLCE FLIP Top-knot tool as seen in our videos
  • Small nail scissors as seen in our YOUTUBE videos
  • 2 Crystal PINK HEARTS as seen worn by Tweety
  • White Crystal Heart like the one Dolce is wearing in the Giveaway Video
  • Red/White Bling Flower Bow like the one Dolce is wearing in the Giveaway Video
  • Entire BIG BLOW Pastel set as seen worn by the MO Gals in recent pictures
  • Pretty Floral Bow SET in all colors
  • One Medium sized Crystal Crown
  • Bling Bows and/or BLING BLING Hair pieces that we are still collecting for the Giveaway and may not have been shown in the Giveaway Video

Good LUCK friends and Happy Grooming! ~~~~   Look for this first photo to kick off the 12 Days!!!

Day 1 Blog Post will have this Picture...look for it!

Day 1 Blog Post will have this Picture…look for it!

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