We love our pet maltese dogs and this love has evolved into an obsession with how best to take care of our dogs.    The health and happiness of these wonderful furry white creatures are our top priority.

The Maltese Obsession pack will be sharing what our thoughts are on grooming products available to pet maltese owners.    The MO pack will share what our favorite GTGT (Go TO Grooming Tools) are for grooming our pet maltese dogs at home.   This will include video tutorials for your viewing pleasure.

The content and opinions on this blog are from our personal experiences and may differ from groomer to groomer and from pet owner to pet owner.

Please do not support stores that sell puppies!    Tweety posed below behind bars === why would anybody put these beautiful loving creatures behind bars as a mill producer?!   We despise puppy mills and stores that support this industry.

Grooming is GLAM Annimal Abuse is NOT

Please purchase your grooming supplies from reputable grooming supply vendors that stand together with those of us who want to close down all puppy mills.

Dolce misses kiss throughout her Spaw Treatment ! Kisses saved for after cameras cut off!

Thanks for visiting and Happy Grooming!

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  1. Jill Cano

    I am into owning my 2nd Maltese. She is 4 months old. I am desperate to find something to clean the brown stains off her eyes. I have tried so many products and angel eyes too. Do you know of anything that can help me?
    Thank You,
    Jill Cano

  2. MOadmin Post author

    A 4 month old will have tear stains due to teething! You can rinse with warm water and try and dry them out to prevent the staining from spreading. The one thing I would recumbent is NOT TO CUT hairs around the eyes if you can at all help it. The hairs will poke her eyes as they grow out and this will exacerbate the staining, beyond the normal teething stains. I use the Tropliclean spa lavish to wash weekly and if you see Tweety’s face wash video I cleanse her daily with warm water and diluted Spa Lavish, followed by applying corn starch to dry out the hairs. I will soon post a video on how I clean Dolce’s eyes with contact solution and dry out with corn starch. Hope that helps.

  3. SONYA

    love your videos but where did you get there top knot flip tool from
    please I couldn’t see it on the topline web please help my babies
    need this as there top knots are very long thank you.
    Kind Regards

  4. Danielle

    I am having a problem ordering some bows on this website. I tried to pay for what was in my cart with trying to use visa to purchase the items but when I touch the visa icon it doesn’t continue to let me put in my account number. Do you have a phone number for making an order? Can you please tell me your contact number. You can reach me at 954 4488407. Thanks

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