Happy New Year 2021!

Hugs and Prayers to all of our MO Friends!

MO Shop will Reopen after the Holidays on January 5, 2021

MO Styling and Boarding will REMAIN CLOSED until further notice!

Tweety, Cosette, Pinky, Dolce and the rest of the MO family send our Prayers for Health and Healing to you and yours!❤️


The Twister and Tilter!   Mama MO's HEART Maltese!

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NEW!   Wider MO Snoods

MO Boyfriends can Pop the Bow OFF and Rock these New Wider Snoods.   We made the snoods wider to better keep the longer Korean style ears in.   Ideal for during blow drying and/or during meals or walkies to keep the long voluptuous ears clean.

New Lavender == Pop the BOW off for our MO boyfriends

Prayers for HEALTH, JOY and BLESSINGS to all of our MO Friends around the world!  “Happy Grooming!!! and Kisses from all of us at Team MO”

Dolce Flip = Mama MO’s Signature Topknot Style

New Kawaii Colored MO Top Knot Bands! We also have wider top knot MO SO SOFT thicker bands for fuller top knots.
New Korean Style Grooming – Extreme Curve Shears
NEW LIMITED EDITION: The perfect 6.0 inch Styling Shears for that perfect Korean Style Grooming
NEW LIMITED EDITION: The slightly longer 6.5″ Styling Shears for the Tweety the Sweety Korean Style Groom


“Where Inspirational Imagery Speaks Love & Nature”

Maltese Obsession would love to capture imagery and video that shares the essence of you and your dogs loving relationship.    Our imagination strives to capture a compelling story that you can share and cherish forever.

Allow us to creatively and artistically be a part of your dogs life!

To schedule a photo or video session:



“Where Posh Pampered Pooches Enjoy Luxury and Glam”

Maltese Obsession styling salon is a glamorizing, luxury spa and salon experience for your pampered pooch.

Stylist, Mama MO

We are so sad to share that we are booked and unable to take on new clients at this time.   We’ll open up the ‘New Client Inquiry Form’ when we are able to provide the best VIP service by Mama MO and new stylists. ~~~~~~

2020 NEW UPDATE — Grooming & Boarding will be closed to the public until further notice!


MO is an authorized vendor for PUREPAWS! You can order their entire line-up from us.


‘Where Tummy Rubs and Good Night Treats Are A Fun Appetizer to Cozy Cuddles and Sweet Dreams @ Tweety’s Place’

When our VIP Grooming Clients need to have a sleepover at our house, while their humans have to be away, we have fun sleepover pajama parties.   We won’t let our VIP friends be sad when their humans are away, cuz we are busy playing fetch and sitting pretty for pictures and treats.

Effective 2020 – MO Boarding will NOT be Available until further notice.