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Tweety Ears Flying

Korean and Korean Fusion style cuts are not necessarily for all maltese.   Some face structures can carry the EXTREME Korean cuts better then others.   Maltese all have different hair structure and density as well.     A good cut, however, will grow out quite nicely.    Many people comment that they love the Korean faces, but do not favor the PINK SKINNED body/torso/neck.

Here in this video we have Tweety and Cosette who are both in TRANSITION styles.   Their neck and torso have a little over 1 MONTH/4 weeks of grow out.   They are soft to the touch and nice to pet with fur on their bodies.    Tweety’s face has the hair around her nose all trimmed.    We must take care when this grows out to ensure that none of these hair poke her in the eyes and cause staining.

Cosette had the hairs on the corner of her eyes cut about half a year ago and she suffered from severe staining as these grew back.    We trimmed back her muzzle some to move towards a Korean muzzle, BUT we left the hair on her nose UNCUT.   The hairs are all longer then a ‘proper’ Korean style as we left her unfinished intentionally to ensure that none of the muzzle hairs poke her in the eyes.    We will then trim back and round out her muzzle to a proper Korean shaped muzzle ~~ hopping to video tape this to show you how to shape her muzzle without cutting any hairs on top of her nose nor around her eyes.

Playing with the camera we show you both girls ~~ still pretty ~~ even in between grooms and in between cuts ^_^

Korean SeoulCal
SeoulCAl ~ Korean fusion style grooms
Tilting Twisting Tweety the Sweety! ~ Korean style groom

Korean style groom

Dolce the Diva ~~ Whining and Pining

Dolce is a communicator.   Dolce is mostly asking for tummy rubs and treats and to be held.   She is very good at communicating her needs, wants and desires.

She isn’t always GLAMOROUS, but she is ALWAYS are LOVING, SWEET and ADORABLE DOLCE ~~~ even when she is whining to us!

Cosette & Tweety and 5 Years of Styles!

A FANTASTIC and Glamorous Groom can change the entire look of a dog.    Cosette and Tweety have gone through many good and BAD grooms through the years.    We thought we’d share a visual to some different hair cuts they’ve sported over the years.   Similar to humans, a GREAT CUT will grow out very pretty!

From Left to Right shows Cosette's different styles through the last 5 years
From Left to Right shows Cosette’s different styles through the last 5 years

Cosette is my first Maltese and she is what started my Maltese Obsession.     Which style for COSETTE do your LOVE???

Tweety is the family grandparents maltese.   Grandma had knee surgery and so Tweety visits with us often.     Does Tweety the Sweety look best with MORE SEOUL or MORE CALI???

Tweety went from my mother's groomers hands to mine ~~ quite a few changes
Tweety went from my mother’s groomers hands to mine ~~ quite a few changes


Tweety Ears Flying

Thanks for visiting & Happy Grooming!


Tweety September 2014



Maltese Obsession Spring to Fall 2014

I spent months on the couch with my love buttons comforting me, but causing my legs to fall asleep
I spent months on the couch with my love buttons comforting me, but causing my legs to fall asleep. No baths for months at a time, but they were still so loving!
Maltese Obsession
Maltese Obsession

September 2013 ~~ Exactly a year ago my health was attacked. I broke my foot, followed by a pretty horrible first experience with shingles.   This happened AFTER a VERY long struggle to recover from asthma, bronchitis,  pneumonia and severe debilitating allergies. I spent my 50th birthday on the couch, CRYING,  with my fur babies sleeping on my legs, as I pondered falling into a very deep depression.

In God’s way, He wanted me to just be still and find PEACE and JOY and REST from many years of work, ministry and a hectic busy lifestyle.   My heart is very thankful.

During the months of my illness, my family ate lots of take-out and processed foods and the hubby and family fed the dogs kibble and processed wet packets of food during this time. I am an avid cook and this take-out food for months at a time played its toll on our entire household.    This processed food didn’t sit well with the humans.   The processed dog food caused tearing and staining in the dogs’ faces.

In Spring of 2014, as I felt adequately recovered from this long duration of ailments ~~ I decided to BLOG and VLOG my routine of grooming the dogs to have a source for my family to refer to in order to care for our dogs.  We shot our first ‘FAMILY & Friends’ targeted video after I received a video camera on Mother’s Day this past May.

What was intended for just family and close friends, has turned into MalteseObsession.com

Our Grooming, Glamorizing and Styling routine does help us Clean UP OUR ACT! Notice the tear stains on the left in Spring.

Early Spring had me going ‘back on track’ with cooking for everyone, cleaning the house and bringing the Maltese back to their GLAMOROUS GLORIOUS MALTESE  and fresh smelling beauties that they are meant to be.    The MALTESE OBSESSION team shares our routines and regimes that we have either learned from groomers and breeders ~~ or tricks and shortcuts that we came up with over the years.

Our grooming and styling regimes are a fusion of Korean, American, groomers, breeders and pet owners.    Full grooming at home is not necessarily for everyone as it can be dangerous if the tools and solvents are not used safely.    Please consult with your personal VETERINARIANS and PRO-GROOMERS for questions and concerns that relate specifically to your fur babies.    Much of what we share is not necessarily THE WAY, but just OUR Personal Choice for Pet MALTESE and other drop coated pets that we serve at MO.  

Tweety Fall 2014
Tweety is a Sweety ~~ We both don’t enjoy brushing our hair ~~ so MOST DAYS we just let our long hair just BE!

We send out a heartfelt “thank you” to all the friends that we have made!    THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all the emails, messages and very encouraging feedback that we have received from so many MALTESE OBSESSED friends.

If you enjoy our videos and blogs, please SUBSCRIBE and leave us friendly comments, so that we can feel encouraged to continue this costly and crazy hobby of BLOGGING and VLOGGING.

Here are some images of how we brought our babies back up to their intended Glamorous Beauty over the last 6 months.


Tweety with her famous adorable head tilting! Tweety does require a pretty regular routine to keep her eye area clean as she tends to tear despite the foods and lifestyle changes we make.


Cheerful Cosy Cosette had a pretty bad bout of tear staining after we trimmed her eye hairs. It has since much improved with daily cleaning and keeping her face dry.
Tweety’s top knot and ears are trimmed every couple months, but they’ve grown out some. We have also reshaped her muzzle to be MORE SEOUL!

Twisty Tilting Tweety

Dolce the Diva!
Dolce is the DIVA QUEEN!! ~~~ we use her DIVA FUR to experiment with lots of new hair products!

Thank you so much friends!   We send out prayers for JOY & Good Health to You and YOURS!

MOH & the MO PACK ^_^

Dolce September 2014

Rinseless Shampoos for Easy Quick Cleaning of Pee, Paws and Face




Items mentioned here:
= Pure Paws No Rinse EXPRESS Shampoo
= Chris Christensen Show Off
= Chris Christensen OC Magic Foam
= Proline Rinseless Shampoo


16oz Diluted Ready to Use NO RINSE

The regular No Rinse comes in three sizes, 8oz, 16oz and gallon and is not diluted.   You can purchase this and dilute for greater value!

The 16oz No Rinse Express is diluted and is the one featured in this video.   The BEST ODOR ELIMINATOR

Eye Envy Review and Tutorial ~~ Tear Stains

We recently attended Superzoo and picked up a starter kit for Eye Envy.   In the video we show you how we MIGHT use Eye Envy.   We however are uncertain as to whether we would use the product or not as we are not positive about the safety of it’s ingredients.    After looking at this trial kit, we find that FOR NOW we will stick to what we know to work well enough for our maltese dogs.    Our presumption is that one must use AT LEAST 2-3 TRIAL kits to see results on tear stains, however this is just our guess.    Many people have found this product helpful and if you are one of those people, feel free to let our readers know by commenting under the COMMENTS section of our Youtube video.


We find that even just daily cleaning with warm water will help keep the face and eye area cleaner then if the face is NEVER cleaned.   Korean fusion Seoulcal groomOur regime/routine for cleaning the eye area of our dogs include the following:

1) Cleaning daily with warm water

2) Washing weekly with Spa Lavish Facial scrub in the bath

3) Daily cleaning with either (a) a diluted solution of the Spa Lavish Facial scrub and/or (b) cleaning eye area with contact solution that contains boric acid

4) Drying the eye hairs with kleenex or a SOFT microfiber towel

4) Drying out the eye area with a touch of corn starch applied with either a q-tip or a eye shadow brush.


Tweety had some dental issues, plus the short hair around the eyes didn't help matters.    Tweety has always had some level of staining from when she was a puppy!
Tweety had some dental issues, plus the short hair around the eyes didn’t help matters. Tweety has always had some level of staining from when she was a puppy!






CARE IS TAKEN to never allow any solution or powder to get into the eyes.

Tear stains can be caused by many different issues and there is normally a need to do a ‘process of elimination’ to determine what the actual cause of tear stains is.   In our home we have identified several causes for occasional seasons of INTENSE tear staining:

1) Allergies

2) Eye hairs that were cut and are poking the eyes causing irritation

3) Dental issues

4) Illness has caused excess tearing on occasion ~~ if your dog exhibits excessive and smelly tearing ~~ PLEASE CONSULT YOUR VET

5) Actual crying when the family was away on holiday and the dogs cried for us

6) The kibbles we have tried  and certain store bought foods caused staining

7) Blocked tear ducts (although having the tear ducts flushed doesn’t always solve the problem)

The dogs ENTIRE face has come back stained from excessive crying during a non-anaesthetic dental.   I was down with multiple health issues, whereby I was unable to bathe the dogs for several months at a time.   The all teared up pretty badly from lack of regular bathing, and the family was also feeding them kibble at the time, as I was unable to cook for them.    These all contributed to some severe staining in all of our dogs.    Once I got back up on my feet, we had to go to work on cleaning them up with regular face washes and home cooked food.


Sheer vanity caused me to CUT a tiny strand of unsightly hair on Cosette.    She had NEVER experienced tear staining, but did have one very THIN strand of hair that held some coloring.

Cosette as a puppy NEVER had any eye staining
Cosette as a puppy NEVER had any eye staining
Cosette a few years old with very clean eyes and just ONE THIN strand of stained hair
Cosette a few years old with very clean eyes and just ONE THIN strand of stained hair
The AWEFUL day when Vanity caused me to CUT the few stained hairs at the inner corner of her eyes
The AWEFUL day when Vanity caused me to CUT the few stained hairs at the inner corner of her eyes

Here are three pictures that depict her BEFORE cutting hairs =======> leading to TERRIBLE TEAR STAINS ======> and after MANY MONTHS of growing out ====== clean again.    She has some faint coloring that has grown to the tips, but her face is much cleaner and the short hairs have finally grown past the length of poking her in the eyes.

Cosette == what did these fews cut hairs do????? === they poked her in the eyes and caused terrible staining on a dog that NEVER stained
Cosette with the hairs finally grown out
We cleaned with Spa Lavish and Contact Solution w/Boric Acid as an ingredient. We DRIED DRIED DRIED the eye area and sometimes applied corn starch! Cosette is clean again!






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