Korean Seoul + California Grown = SeoulCal Just Playing with Camera

Tweety Ears Flying

Korean and Korean Fusion style cuts are not necessarily for all maltese.   Some face structures can carry the EXTREME Korean cuts better then others.   Maltese all have different hair structure and density as well.     A good cut, however, will grow out quite nicely.    Many people comment that they love the Korean faces, but do not favor the PINK SKINNED body/torso/neck.

Here in this video we have Tweety and Cosette who are both in TRANSITION styles.   Their neck and torso have a little over 1 MONTH/4 weeks of grow out.   They are soft to the touch and nice to pet with fur on their bodies.    Tweety’s face has the hair around her nose all trimmed.    We must take care when this grows out to ensure that none of these hair poke her in the eyes and cause staining.

Cosette had the hairs on the corner of her eyes cut about half a year ago and she suffered from severe staining as these grew back.    We trimmed back her muzzle some to move towards a Korean muzzle, BUT we left the hair on her nose UNCUT.   The hairs are all longer then a ‘proper’ Korean style as we left her unfinished intentionally to ensure that none of the muzzle hairs poke her in the eyes.    We will then trim back and round out her muzzle to a proper Korean shaped muzzle ~~ hopping to video tape this to show you how to shape her muzzle without cutting any hairs on top of her nose nor around her eyes.

Playing with the camera we show you both girls ~~ still pretty ~~ even in between grooms and in between cuts ^_^

Korean SeoulCal
SeoulCAl ~ Korean fusion style grooms
Tilting Twisting Tweety the Sweety! ~ Korean style groom

Korean style groom

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