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I recently attended the SUPERZOO Groomers Supershow in Las Vegas and had a fantastic time.   There was so much to see and the Grooming Supershow captivated most of my time and attention.

I did post updates on the Maltese Obsession Facebook page, but found myself with little time to blog all of the wonderful information that I learned.   After I returned from Las Vegas, I realized that I NEEDED to have purchased some new shears to review.    I have received so many questions on finding more affordable BLENDERS AND CHUNKER SHEARS, that would work equally well to do Tweety’s Korean cut in particular.

DSC_0117My personal perspective for home maltese pet grooming is that you can achieve a lot with a good safe clipper like the Wahl Bravura, or any good clipper that has stainless steel comb attachments.   My personal opinion on shears for home grooming is that most straight shears will work for a basic ‘home’ trim, but if you want to achieve a better more professionally groomed look for your maltese you MUST invest in a ‘FUNCTIONAL’ pair of BLENDING shears.

DSC_0025My GTG ~ SHEARS are

  1. Good curved shears
  2. Great Chunkers ~~~ less teeth and T-shaped teeth ~~ VERY AGRESSIVE cut, but more forgiving then a pair of striaghts
  3. Great Blenders  ~~ more teeth and I prefer the TEETH TO BE CURVED gripping teeth that grab and hold hair for the CLEAN CUT

I have other favorite GTG-Shears like my tiny curved Pixi’s and my tiny Pixi texturizers that do very minute detail work, but I don’t absolutely NEED them to do a lovely groom on my dogs or dogs that I may be grooming.


Left Kiss Silver, Middle Kiss Silver Blue, Right Kiss Silver PINKA GREAT 

The great deal is that you can pick ANY 3 Shears from the KISS SILVER line for $99 for the 3 shears.    You can pick ANY 3 shears from the KISS GOLD line for $149.     They also have a line of very affordable shears called the ENTREE LINE.

I picked the center KISS SILVER BLUE 3 shears for $120 + shipping

  • 9.5″ Curved == purchased individually is $59.99
  • 21 teeth CHUNKERS 6 1/2″ == purchased individually is $59.99
  • 42 teeth Blenders  == purchased individually is $59.99

NOTE the BLUE row has the pinky handle to use them REVERSABLE === this is handy when using the CURVED SHEARS to round out the feet or to shape the long PALAZZO Trouser legs.   A reversible blender is also cool when shaping a Korean style face (^.^)

The row on the left Kiss Silver Silver had a funny shaped thumb hole whereby my clunky thumb would NOT stay in nice, so that was a FAIL for my hands.   The Kiss Silver PINK were nice too and i may need that set to have around as well.

GEIB ENTREE Shears -- Cobalt Handles
GEIB ENTREE Shears — Cobalt Handles


AWESOME deal that was presented at the SUPERZOO was some entry level shears that GEIB was promoting.   There are a couple good lines of entry level shears that were surprisingly EQUALLY sharp and responsive as my beloved CC shears.   I don’t know how long the edges will hold up and whether the action on the joints will maintain it’s smooth responsiveness, but a quick Tweety Korean groom proved them FANTASTIC for home grooming purposes.

GEIB ENTREE and ENTREE BLUE TITAN are also nice entry level shears that are pretty affordable and the ENTREE has a few very inexpensive shears in their line up.

The nice thing about GEIB is that they have been in business for many years and similar to CC Shears, they come with a Lifetime Warranty.   The box of shears came with a warranty as well as a return address sticker to mail the shears back for sharpening at the Buttercut Sharpening location.   There is a fee for sharpening the shears, but it is nice to have that option to send them back to the manufacturer and have them professionally sharped for their nominal fee.


DSC_0090 DSC_0037



Please keep in mind that the GEIB KISS and ENTREE line of shears is their entry level groomer shears.   Every pro-groomer and home groomer will have different personal preferences in what shears work best for individual hands and techniques.   This particular set of shears was reviewed as an option to those asking for more affordable YET FUNCTIONAL blenders and chunked shears.

Thanks for visiting and please come back to visit.    Happy Grooming,


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