Just Food For Dogs Turducken Recall

As we posted during Thanksgiving, the girls of TEAM MO enjoyed the JFFD Turducken special holiday food.
On Christmas, the girls began eating a NEW BATCH of the JFFD Turducken, which caused all four of the girls to experience some vomiting and bloody diarrhea. We took the girls off of this food and put them on clear rice porridge to heal up their tummy’s. We tried to identify this first mild illness to either the food or their JFFD treats. We took the girls off of all treats.
When they tried this same new batch of Turducken, they again suffered vomiting and diarrhea again. This time all four girls also suffered from bloody diarrhea. We took this batch of Turducken back to JFFD for testing and this is what they found. (see below)
Team MO as you saw from our LIVE feed yesterday are all better now. We had settled their digestive system on warm asian rice porridge for a few days and we slowly introduced them back to their normal JFFD Venison and Squash recipe as well as our home cooked foods. The JFFD treats were next introduced back into their diet.
December: We notified JFFD and returned the batch of food to them
January 12th: The letter attached went out to their customers after the JFFD Veterinarian first consulted with us of their findings.
January 15th: A subsequent letter went out as the Listeria, which is what caused Tweety, Cosette, Dolce and Pinky to become ill, was isolated to the human grade green beans.
We are sharing this with you as we have been supporters of JFFD for many years now. We also enjoy home cooking for our girls. Tweety was very ill 6 years ago and was suffering from IBD/ IBS. Home cooking along with JFFD has definitely prolonged her life and improved her quality of life.
Maltese Obsession is a maltese grooming and lifestyle page, where we love to be in positive uplifting community with fellow maltese owners. We now share our story as it relates to this situation.
Tweety, Cosette, Pinky and Dolce are the little angels, who have helped uncover Listeria monocytogenes found in the human grade food supply of green beans.
Hugs and Wet Kisses from
Team Maltese Obsession
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