Dolce’s Winter WHITE Spa Bath – Pure Paws White Magic Foam, Amplify Shampoo, Silk Basics Shampoo

Dolce’s Winter Spa Bath 

Pure Paws Spa Smoothie  – WINTER


WINTER SNOW WHITE is how we love our Team MO girls to look, but with fresh cooked foods and our mud and crud outdoors, it can take some great key products to achieve the WHITE we love.    We let Dolce’s face go dirty and naturally stained for awhile to test out the new Pure Paws Whitening Foam.   Her face stains from fresh cooked foods and from her saliva.    We do NOT use the Pure Paws Whitening Foam near the eyes.
Tear stain products will be reviewed in a future Blog / Vlog.
Our newest favorite product for spot whitening of the long beard or stained paws is Pure Paws Whitening Foam. It is far more effective at whitening the stained beard then all of the previous products we have showed you. Whitening Foam and White Magic are very different applications.
If you need a product to break up the protein stains in the paws, Pure Paws has a Bio-Ensymatic Pretreatment Spray that safely removes protein stains.

In the video we share one of our WINTER WHITE Pure Paws Spa Smoothie mixtures.   The winter can bring drier coats for our girls so we mix Amplify Shampoo with Silk Basics Shampoo, or we sometimes use Silk Basics only.     We will add a TINY amount of WHITE MAGIC about once every 3-4 baths to help brighten and whiten the girls coats.
The STAR LINE Brightening Shampoo is also a good alternative to the WHITE MAGIC.    You can use this alone diluted 1:10 or 1:12, or you can mix this Star Line Brightening Shampoo with the SILK Basics, Amplify or Reconstructing Lines from Pure Paws.
NOTE:    Please test on a small patch before using any of the whitening products by Pure Paws.    Heavier then normal conditioning is also recommended after using any of the whitening line products.



The White Magic:    

A few drops or a 1/4  cap or  1/2 cap can be added to a bath smoothie mixture to give the coat an extra boost of brightening and whitening. Information on White Magic
With our White Magic Shampoo, any dog with white hair that needs to look a little whiter and a little brighter is in luck. Pure Paws White Magic Shampoo is a coloring shampoo. It is important to know that when using any bluing shampoo, the coat should be very healthy.If the coat has been altered with any products that pull color such as enzymatic shampoos or bleaching products, the hair shafts with remain open and absorb color more rapidly. Another thing to remember is that the shampoo must be diluted to the point that the suds turn white rather than blue: White Suds=White Coat and Blue Suds=Blue Coat. Also for DOUBLE COATED breeds or other breeds with absorbent coats, the colors take effect much sooner and with more pigment. White Magic is a true whitening shampoo. This shampoo is a semi-permanent color, with a plant derived sufactant base. This whitening shampoo adds shine, controls frizz and prevents tangles and will NOT dry out or damage the coat! NOTE:If this is your first time using the White Magic, we recommend a slightly higher dilution ratio of 10 or 15 parts water to 1 part shampoo. DO NOT let the product sit in the coat until you are more familiar with the product. remember that every coat type has a different porosity and will absorb differently.

The Whitening Foam:

The Whitening Foam is designed to safely remove protein based stains utilizing enzymes, titanium dioxide and violet colorant.
NOTE:   Please test patch before using directly on your dog
We at MO like using the Whitening Foam on long beards that are stained and on stained feet.    This is NOT MADE for tear stains, so PLEASE AVOID THE EYES.


We recommend the LOVE MY EYES KIT or the LOVE MY EYES FACE WASH made for TEAR STAINS.   We hope to soon shoot a video tutorial on how we use this product.   A professional line to eliminate tear stains.

Travel Kits

A Great Way to Try the Whitening Lines

A great way to test out the different PURE PAWS lines is by trying out their TRAVEL KITS.    Remember that these are professional products and that you should dilute the shampoos 1 part shampoo to 10-12 parts warm water.   The travel kits can last quite a good amount of shampoos with the required dilution.
Silk Basics Travel Kit
Reconstruction Travel Kit
Oats & Aloe Travel Kit
Amplify Line Travel Kit

Blow Drying Brushes Used

Blow drying can make all the difference in how the dog will ultimately look.   It is especially important to blow dry correcting before any trimming or clipper work.    A great blow dryer and great brushes help make blow drying results great.     We LOVE the Chris Christensen wooden pin brush and the wooden slicker brush (Mark II Small Slicker Brush).     The wooden pin brush helps avoid any injury when drying around the face.     The Mark II Small Slicker brush is AMAZING at pulling the hair straight.    Pure Paws also had a slicker brush, which I also LOVE, but they are sold out at the moment.

Maltese GROOMING: MATS and How we safely trim mats


MO Fashion == clothes and headband available in OUR STORE

Lavender Jacket       & PINKY PINKY Sofy Fuzzy Jacket

Madan COMB available at

Ice on Ice Detangling and Conditioning Spray

PurePaws Silk Basics Conditioning Spray or Pure Paws Reconstructing Conditioning Spray 10% Discount Code is MO10







Mats6MATSYoutube mats7MATSYoutube mats1MATSYoutube

Dolce Daily Brush Out + July NEW Go To Grooming GOODIES!

Table Top Grooming Table — the colors available on Amazon vary — all MO GTGT items are sourced in the SHOP tab above!

DolceDOLCE Flip – Top Knot FLIP Tool   10% Discount Code is MO10

Dolce July Grooming Goodies
Dolce July Grooming Goodies

I believe the prices are better if you purchase direct through and use the 10% Discount Code MO10, but I have sourced some items through Amazon for those of you that are interested.  The travel kits are NOT available on Amazon

CET Virbac Enzymatic Toothpaste VANILLA MINT


Madan Steel Tail Comb

Madan Band Scissor
Chris Christensen

The wooden pin brush come in SMALL and Med ~~ I use the purple SMALL in the video.   Amazon available colors vary from day to day ~~ more colors are available on the Chris Christensen Website.

Yoga Towel Mat is MUCH Longer then my GTGT BLUEApana Hot Yoga Mat Microfiber Towels:    We found them for $16.99 at TJMaxx and Marshalls stores in the Athletic Sports Section.   They retails for $50


Baby Travel Pillow:   Comes in a variety of colors on Amazon.   We found them at TJ Maxx.


Tweety Face/Eye Wash and Simple Top Knot Tutorial

Tweety Face/Eye Wash and Simple Top Knot Tutorial

Tweety is making her debut VLOG appearance.    She was groomed into her Korean cut over a month ago, and we will VLOG her upcoming clipper Korean cut for viewers to see how we do this at home.
This technique of washing her eye area is only one of the many ways that we as maltese owners can keep the eye area as clean as we can.    
One question that I am sure to get is what our thoughts are on Angel Eyes and antibiotic treatments for eye tearing.  My experience working for many years in the pharmaceutical R&D as well as the sales and marketing end of antibiotics, has led me to lean against any unnecessary use of antibiotics for our family (both humans and dogs).    Bacterial drug resistance has become a huge problem in the pharmaceutical R&D world and I lived too close to seeing the human struggles resulting from antibiotic super infections and resistant strains of bacteria.

Spa Lavish Blueberry Facial Cleanser by Tropiclean

Above is pictured the Blueberry facial cleanser that is used in the video.   

On my other dog, I also use Contact Lens saline solution that contains Boric Acid to cleanse the eye area.   The saline cleansing is followed up with applying corn starch, which helps keep the eye area dry.

There are various different ways to clean the eyes and remove tear stains.    Excessive tear staining could be the result of blocked tear ducts, teeth problems and/or other health issues.

We hope you enjoy meeting Tweety!

Note:   All fluffs as wells as their groomers have different tastes, needs and favorites.   Not every SPAW treatment need be the same.    Maltese Obsession is happy to share our PAWSITIVELY Perfect GO TO Grooming experiences.

ICE ICE Baby ~~~ Mats don’t have to be a BAD word

ICE on ICE Detangler by Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen makes some awesome shears.   Pawsitively awesome GO TO GROOMING  brushes, Buttercombs, Kool-pup Dryers, shampoos etc. etc.

Today I’d like to share with you a reason that I am no longer afraid of MATS!

CC Ice on Ice Leave in Detangler & Finishing Spray contains sunscreen and is a conditioning spray, finishing spray and most useful to us as a DETANGLER.

Ice on Ice to detangle a mat

Mats used to stress both our fur babies out as well as myself.   I have tried MANY detangler’s including the Pure Paws line, but ICE ON ICE helps mats SLIP LOOSE with minimal work and zero stress on my fur babies.
How to loosen a mat on your maltese dog:

  1. Spray liberally into the mat
  2. Pull apart by going first sideways, then up ~~ spreading apart the mat with your fingers
  3. After most of the mat has been loosened, then GENTLY use a brush to finish loosening 
ICE on ICE Trial Size
Spray LIBERALLY into the mat
Pull mat apart sideways at first
Spread fingers into the mat sideways and up&down
Still spreading the mat apart with fingers
Spray more ICE into the now opened up MAT
Mat is easily coming apart now.   You can see the ICE sparkling in the sunlight!
Once the mat is mostly broken apart I brush out gently using a soft cushioned pin brush

Once the fingers have separated most of the mat, I can use a soft cushioned Madan pin brush to GENTLY brush out the hair.   I am HOLDING the hair at the base near the skin to prevent any PULLING …gently…no pulling
Chris Christensen Wooden Pin Brush 7″ $25
A FANTASTIC tool to use together with ICE on ICE is the Chris Christensen Wooden Pin Brush.    The wooden pin brush is likened to my fingers and the brush just GLIDES through and separates the mat that has been sprayed with ICE on ICE.
This brush comes in the 7″ body for $25 or the 8″ body for $35, with choices of some pretty colors such as blue, black, purple (shown above), pink and bright yellow!
The wooden pins are made of hornbeam, which is apparently harder then bamboo.    We use bamboo chopsticks for all types of cooking in our house, including deep frying.   It is no wonder that a wood that is harder then bamboo, such as HORNBEAM would be such a fantastic wood to use to create this AMAZING wooden pin brush.
Dogs that are heavily matted or puppies that are new to brushing would benefit from this CC Wooden pin brush.      Any dog that is sensitive to brushing will LOVE and ENJOY brush outs with this GENTLE and FANTASTIC GO TO Grooming tool.
After the brush, spray some more ICE if needed and then gently use a grooming comb …
Hold hair with fingers to prevent pulling ~~~ gently comb out a few hairs at a time
I am now GENTLY working the comb through the loosened mat, but going through just a SMALL section of hair at a time with a 7.5″ grooming comb.    I hold the hair with my left hand to ensure NO PULLING nor TUGGING on the skin…
The loosened up mats that came out afterwards. BYE BYE MATS!!!
This mat took only a few minutes to work out of the coat.   The ICEonICE really does a fine job of making the mat slippery enough to loosen out with the fingers.    
You can see from above that I have a little 2 oz trial sized bottle.   This little bottle is great to have at every Grooming Brush Bouquet that I have around my house.    I purchase the 16oz bottle and just refill my little 2 oz trial sized sprays.
ICE on ICE has no distinguishable odor.   
Here is another pesky mat that formed from Dolce’s top knot band.   I either cover her eyes and spray the ICE onto the mat OR safer and better yet,  I spray some ICE on my comb and then try and work out the mat.
Ice on Ice Detangler, Conditioning, Finishing spray and Stain repellent with sunscreen is available in
  • 16 oz Ready to Use Spray $12
  • 16 oz Concentrate (16:1 makes 2 gallons) $37
  • 2 oz Trial size bottle available in the $10 KITS 

Ice on Ice

($10 Trial size kits include ICE as well as a choice of shampoo set)
Daily brushing your maltese will help prevent most mats.   I brush my dogs out every morning and evening.    There are times throughout the year where suddenly, my dog will experience a coat change and virtually MAT OVERNIGHT.     When this happens I am happy to have these great items in my GO TO GROOMING kit to ZAP the MATS!!
Other Recommended Detanglers:    The Stuff, Stasko, Cherrybrook, Show Sheen, Animology, Cowboy Magic…ICE ICE BABY!!!
Note:   All fluffs as wells as their groomers have different tastes, needs and favorites.   Not every SPAW treatment need be the same.    Maltese Obsession is happy to share our PAWSITIVELY Perfect GO TO Grooming experiences.
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