Preparing for a new Puppy – Puppy Villa – Puppy Condo

Congratulations on your New PUPPY!

Heaven on Earth is to LOVE and BE LOVED by a Maltese” ❤️


We will shoot updated ‘TEAR STAINING REMOVAL & CARE’ tutorials, so look for them on our Youtube channel in the future months.  

We also plan on doing a POTTY TRAINING series of videos.

  • Tropiclean Bluerberry Facial Scrub
  • Chris Christensen Happy Eyes Tearless Shampoo
  • Oatmeal Sensitive Skin Shampoo from any line, but we favor Pure Paws Oats and Aloe
  • Butler Schein Tear Stain Remover (take care not to get into eyes)
  • Artero PRETTY EYES Tear Stain Eye Cleaner (please avoid getting into eyes)
  • CET Vanilla Mint Toothpaste and CET Tiny Toothbrush
  • Madan Pin Brush, face comb and steel tail comb from
  • Chris Christensen  Wooden Pin Brush
  • Bone Snap Clips from our MO Bling SHOP
  • Elastic Hair Bands from
  • Tiny Comfortable Harness (we carry XXS sizes for new puppies or teeny tinies)


Bone Snap Clips
Pretty Purples Bone Snaps
Beautiful Blues Bone Snaps
Pinky Pinks Bone Snaps
Extra Extra Small XXS is perfect for puppies and teeny tinies
PINK SNOOD for grooming or holding the hair back during meals
Madan Pin Brushes
Madan Combs
















Effective Dec, 18th — We carry Pure Paws travel kits with more items to be added soon.    You can order from us or from


If you prefer Chris Christensen over Madan for brushes and combs, the Chris Christensen pin brushes, slicker brushes, wooden pin brushes and metal combs are excellent:



A great less expensive alternative wooden pin brush that I love for both myself and my dogs are:



Maltese Puppy Villa Supplies

  • Pee Pads from COSTCO or from AMAZON
  • Puppy Pee Pad Tray or we use a washing machine tray from HomeDepot or Lowes
  • X-Pen aka Excercise Pen
  • Water Bowl
  • Puppy Teething and Play Toys
  • Puppy Bed(s) … will have accidents, so you’ll want to pick up a few
  • Puppy Blankets (where you can rub your human scent on so the puppy can still smell you when you are not with them)
  • Plastic Shower Curtain to lay underneath the Puppy Villa

Some pee tray ideas. Check the size and you’ll want a pretty low lip so that the puppy can easily hop in to go potty. For boys you can get a little fire hydrant and place in the middle of the tray.  The tray replacements for the wire crates work well.


WARNING: This Laundry Machine Tray is HUGE, but I wanted to leave you a link … it can be found at Home Depot or Lowes. We love these as we have multiple dogs.


Costco Pee Pads … they are typically around $14.99 depending on your local Costco Pricing
Laundry Machine catch tray from HomeDepot or Lowes … these are large and awesome for multiple dogs.
Extra Extra Small TINY Comfortable Vest Harness with a matching Leash


There are so many amazing choices in what to feed your new puppies.    Generally you’ll want to keep the puppy on the same food as what the breeder had them on.    You can transition to a new food slowly to ensure that you won’t be having to clean up a mucky wet sick poop.   Experiment with foods that your puppy will enjoy as well as one that will help produce nice clean stool.   Runny poops for consecutive days may mean that the puppy does not tolerate the food or treat.

We have experimented with kibble, raw and a variety of premium dog foods.   Tweety had an illness that required her to be on either a prescription diet or a limited ingredient grain free diet.   We chose to bring Tweety back to health by home cooking a grain free diet for her.   Currently we still either home cook or we purchase food from     The girls also enjoy the JUSTFOODFORDOG treats.    They LOVE the food and they have maintained and overall great health.

Puppy Preferences

Puppies are pack animals and love sleeping and hanging out with their humans.    We recommend getting a BIG HUMAN bed.    We started training our girls by having them sleep inside their puppy crate in the middle of our bed.    I woke up in the middle of the night several hours apart to let them out to potty on the pee pad in our bathroom.    We did our potty sessions with low light and zero conversation to keep the puppy relaxed and to let them know that night time was for sleeping.   After a quick potty break they were put back in their little crate for more sleep.    The puppy quickly learned to not potty until morning and they were eventually able to sleep through the entire evening without a potty break.

Some families prefer the puppy to sleep alone in their puppy villa.    If possible it is best to have a separate puppy villa as close to a human family member as possible so that the puppy can not be alone and scared.    We recommend having a ticking clock near the puppy to allow the puppy to hear the pulse of mama’s heartbeat.    A huge comfort to the puppy when then they can’t be right next to their humans is clothes or blankets that have the human scent on them.   We like to throw our sweatshirts or t-shirts in with the young puppies to allow them to nest in something soft that smells like us.   Puppies have just been separated from their Mama and pack so they will be grieving the loss of their loves, but they will absolutely bond and love with their humans.


HUGS and WET KISSES to all the new forever furry kiddos you’ll be welcoming into your hearts and homes!


Items you can buy on our MO SHOP or on AMAZON:


The GIANT Waterproof liner that we put underneath the pen is great, though we do suggest putting a thick clear shower curtain as the very bottom layer, can be found on Amazon. Links below:

Happy Easter 2015 from Team Maltese Obsession

Happy Easter to all of our friends.   We appreciate every one of our friends we have made through our Maltese Obsession journey.   We share with you a little video EASTER GIFT basket, where the Team MO girls dress up in their Easter finest and show you ‘LIFE at Team MO’


RULES + VIDEO == 12 Days of Thanksgiving ‘GROOM & GLAM GIVEAWAY!’

12 Happy Days of Thanksgiving
12 Happy Days of Thanksgiving

Maltese Obsession is passionate and obsessed with grooming and glamorizing items.   We have our favorite GO TO Grooming Tools ~~ GTGT as well as our favorite GO TO GLAMORIZING BLING!!!

MOH often has excess so we give our friends and clients grooming items to try as we love sharing in the fun of grooming our maltese babies.    GROOMING NERDS is a community of friends that I find great JOY in.

Christmas is fast approaching and we are all familiar with the 12 DAYS of Christmas, so I thought we’d get in the HOLIDAY JOY and celebrate ~~~~

The 12 Happy Days of Thanksgiving

Groom & Glam (BLING) Giveaway



  • Must be 18 years or older to qualify
  • Must be a MalteseObsession BLOG Subscriber + YouTube Subscriber + MalteseObsession FACEBOOK member
  • Must take delivery of giveaway in the United States (I apologize, but the shipping cost outside of U.S. is too high)

    One or More of the 12 Days May Include a Happy Thanksgiving PHOTO CONTEST!
    One or More of the 12 Days May Include a Happy Thanksgiving PHOTO CONTEST!


  • We will post 12 days of Pictures marked with Day 1 or Day 2 or Day 3 etc
  • Winners will be chosen from the COMMENT section here on our BLOG and/or Maltese Obsession FACEBOOK page
  • We INVITE you to post any PICTURE on our Maltese Obsession FACEBOOK page as well if you want to catch our attention!   Yes, COMMENTS DIRECTLY ONTO OUR MO FACEBOOK Page will count!
  • PICTURES of your Pet Maltese posted on our FB page must be owned by Subscriber (eg.   no borrowing other peoples photos please)
  • Winners will be randomly chosen by a MO Team Member
  • You must post on that particular DAY # in order to be qualified for that day.   Example:   if you comment on Day 1, you will only qualify for the Day 1 giveaway
  • Once a winner we will verify SUBS (youtube & FB) and work out shipping arrangements.    Shipping will be done via ground postal.  *(^.^)*

FINALE Day 12 — Please enter comments DAILY in order to qualify for the Day 12 Grand Prize.   Yes, you can win more then one day.   Winners are chosen completely by RANDOM.

NOTE:   The reason the contest is being announced from our BLOG is so that we can open the GIVEAWAY up to our Youtube and Google and other friends outside of FB.

Groom & Glam Giveaway Items include but are not exclusive to:

  • Madan Grooming Aprons – I use these to keep from getting wet when bathing the dogs ==== THANK YOU Jenny @ for donating these aprons for this giveaway!
  • Madan Grooming Comb with x-long pins in Autumn Orange
  • Madan PIN Brush in HOLIDAY RED
  • Pure Paws Travel KIT — winner can choose between the Reconstructing Line, H20 line or SILK Line == we’ve talked about this in our videos
  • DOLCE FLIP Top-knot tool as seen in our videos
  • Small nail scissors as seen in our YOUTUBE videos
  • 2 Crystal PINK HEARTS as seen worn by Tweety
  • White Crystal Heart like the one Dolce is wearing in the Giveaway Video
  • Red/White Bling Flower Bow like the one Dolce is wearing in the Giveaway Video
  • Entire BIG BLOW Pastel set as seen worn by the MO Gals in recent pictures
  • Pretty Floral Bow SET in all colors
  • One Medium sized Crystal Crown
  • Bling Bows and/or BLING BLING Hair pieces that we are still collecting for the Giveaway and may not have been shown in the Giveaway Video

Good LUCK friends and Happy Grooming! ~~~~   Look for this first photo to kick off the 12 Days!!!

Day 1 Blog Post will have this Picture...look for it!
Day 1 Blog Post will have this Picture…look for it!

Dolce the Diva ~~ Whining and Pining

Dolce is a communicator.   Dolce is mostly asking for tummy rubs and treats and to be held.   She is very good at communicating her needs, wants and desires.

She isn’t always GLAMOROUS, but she is ALWAYS are LOVING, SWEET and ADORABLE DOLCE ~~~ even when she is whining to us!