TEAR STAIN Obsession

Note from Mama MO:    Please note that these opinions and perspectives that we share are based on much research.   Mama MO has many years working as a professional chemist, pharmaceutical researcher and has a a great deal of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry (specifically as it relates to oral and IV antibiotics).    Mama MO, while currently MALTESE OBSESSION, has her professional past life as a scientist.     We appreciate you visiting us and we send our LOVE and WET NOSE Kisses to all of our Maltese and dog friends.


Tear Stain Obsession Part 2:    Day 1 and Day 12 of Cleaning

Tiny 3 lb Summer came to us with very long nails, mats all over and chunks of hair cut out in her legs and body due to mats.    On day 12, we thickened her coat and blew dry her to try and work with the very little hair that was left on her legs.    We spent some time working out the mats all over her body and as we wait for the bald spots to grow in, we will continue to try and even out the remaining hairs that she has.


For a dog like Summer with a very cottony dry coat, with very little hair …. we chose to use Pure Paws Amplify Shampoo with a splash of White Magic to help whiten her coat.    We also used Pure Paws Amplify Conditioner with a dollop of Star Line Silk Conditioning Cream mixed in.    Summer soaked in a bath and again in a conditioning bath to allow every strand of hair to be cleansed and conditioned properly.


Summer is a maltese mix and her legs are very thin and long.    Allowing her leg hair to grow out longer would help allow us to give her overall appearance  some balance.    Summer’s face is NOT structured ideally for a Korean styling as she has a longer nose on a very small face, paired with a very long torso and super long skinny legs.     Korean style is not always the best look for every dog,  so we’ll be working towards more of a cute teddy bear anime look for her.



Active Ingredients that Fight Tear Stains

Witch Hazel & Boric Acid

The Artero Pretty Eyes’ active ingredient is Boric Acid, though the bulk of the bottle is water.   They also include Thyme, Rosemary and Chamomile extracts to soothe skin.

The Pure Paws Love My Eyes active ingredients ARE Boric Acid and Witch Hazel.

Witch hazel is naturally flowering shrub whose leaves, bark and twig are high in tannins.    Witch hazel helps reduce swelling and also fights BACTERIA as does boric acid.

Witch hazel is one hundred percent natural and smells clean.    Properly distilled witch hazel is a fantastic natural ingredient to fight tear stains.   Witch hazel is also helpful in balancing pH levels, thus it is often an ingredient for ear solutions to combat yeast infections.

Boric Acid is used to treat yeast infections in dogs and in humans.    Boric acid also helps to balance pH levels due to its acidic nature, thus a wonderful ingredient to combat EAR, EYE and SKIN infections where YEAST is the culprit.

  • Yeast and Fungus can NOT thrive in a neutralized or acidic environment so having BOTH Boric Acid and Witch Hazel around inhibits yeast growth.
  • Bacteria is attacked and killed by BOTH Boric Acid and Witch Hazel extract
  • Itchy and Inflamed skin is calmed and naturally healed by Witch Hazel extract

Boric Acid:   Antimicrobial, Anti-Yeast, Anti-Fungal and pH balancing properties

Witch Hazel:    Natural plant based, Natural healing properties, Antimicrobial, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Yeast, Anti-Itch, natural astringent odor eliminating properties and pH balancing

Active Ingredients in ALL 4 Steps! A complete healing, cleansing and treatment for the culprits of tear stains (bacteria, yeast, fungus). Please always take care in making sure product does not go into the eyes.


Step 1:   Foaming Cleanser has Boric Acid + Witch Hazel + Deodorizer + Optical Brightener

Step 2:  Debris Cleanser has Boric Acid + Witch Hazel

Step 3:  Protective Cream has Boric Acid + Witch Hazel + Sunflower Seed Oil  

Step 4:  Absorption Powder has Boric Acid and Natural Minerals

When used correctly, the chances of success with this LOVE MY EYES KIT is far higher then using ANY other solution on the market that just adds random amounts of boric acid.

The added bonus is that Step 1 the Facial Foaming Cleanser also has their wonderful odor eliminator and color brighteners that are in their other shampoo lines.





Absolute things to AVOID

when it comes to clearing up Tear Stains

While there is NO ABSOLUTE one thing that will guarantee tear stains being cured, there ARE ABSOLUTE things to AVOID

  • NEVER NEVER bleach ….so so dangerous
  • NEVER NEVER … permanently damages the shafts and health of the hair, making the hair stain easier
  • NEVER use home made boric acid solutions … can cause permanent eye damage
  • NEVER give LIFE MEDs of powdered or treat form of antibiotics that claim to have tylan or tylosine in it
  • PLEASE NO toothbrushes on them tender eye tissue, unless the toothbrush is made of something softer then rabbit fur or mink … the tissue around the eye is so so tender, especially for tearing babies
  • Please NO paper towels on the eyes to dry them … the softest kleenex or the softest cotton gauze please
  • NEVER use random quality of Witch Hazel made for humans.   The distillation process and qualtiy of the Witch Hazel extract is very important.    Low quality or random extractions of witch hazel can be DANGEROUS when used around the eyes


Last thoughts…

HONESTLY there is no one thing you can do NOR one product that can 100% claim to clear up tear stains.    There are so many varying factors that can determine whether a dog or puppy stains or doesn’t stain including:

  • genetic disposition
  • dental health
  • diet
  • physical health
  • ocular health
  • water quality
  • food quality
  • environmental factors
  • grooming and hygiene

There are a sea of products that would like to claim 100% efficacy for clearing up tear stains BUT no one product nor routine can claim this….. sadly… but this is the truth….


We can however do as much as we can as dog owners to help eliminate tear staining as much as we possibly can by proper hygiene and grooming, working with our groomers/stylists and working with our veterinarians.


Thanks to Summer and her mommy for working daily to help give Summer a cleaner, cuter look!    Special treats for Summer💕


Good LUCK and Happy Grooming to all of our friends as we continue the battle against them tear stains.





Drying Powder


2×2 Gauze Pads pack of 200 – our favorite gauze to clean ears and to clean around eyes



Dolce’s Winter WHITE Spa Bath – Pure Paws White Magic Foam, Amplify Shampoo, Silk Basics Shampoo

Dolce’s Winter Spa Bath 

Pure Paws Spa Smoothie  – WINTER


WINTER SNOW WHITE is how we love our Team MO girls to look, but with fresh cooked foods and our mud and crud outdoors, it can take some great key products to achieve the WHITE we love.    We let Dolce’s face go dirty and naturally stained for awhile to test out the new Pure Paws Whitening Foam.   Her face stains from fresh cooked foods and from her saliva.    We do NOT use the Pure Paws Whitening Foam near the eyes.
Tear stain products will be reviewed in a future Blog / Vlog.
Our newest favorite product for spot whitening of the long beard or stained paws is Pure Paws Whitening Foam. It is far more effective at whitening the stained beard then all of the previous products we have showed you. Whitening Foam and White Magic are very different applications.
If you need a product to break up the protein stains in the paws, Pure Paws has a Bio-Ensymatic Pretreatment Spray that safely removes protein stains.

In the video we share one of our WINTER WHITE Pure Paws Spa Smoothie mixtures.   The winter can bring drier coats for our girls so we mix Amplify Shampoo with Silk Basics Shampoo, or we sometimes use Silk Basics only.     We will add a TINY amount of WHITE MAGIC about once every 3-4 baths to help brighten and whiten the girls coats.
The STAR LINE Brightening Shampoo is also a good alternative to the WHITE MAGIC.    You can use this alone diluted 1:10 or 1:12, or you can mix this Star Line Brightening Shampoo with the SILK Basics, Amplify or Reconstructing Lines from Pure Paws.
NOTE:    Please test on a small patch before using any of the whitening products by Pure Paws.    Heavier then normal conditioning is also recommended after using any of the whitening line products.



The White Magic:    

A few drops or a 1/4  cap or  1/2 cap can be added to a bath smoothie mixture to give the coat an extra boost of brightening and whitening. 
PurePaws.net Information on White Magic
With our White Magic Shampoo, any dog with white hair that needs to look a little whiter and a little brighter is in luck. Pure Paws White Magic Shampoo is a coloring shampoo. It is important to know that when using any bluing shampoo, the coat should be very healthy.If the coat has been altered with any products that pull color such as enzymatic shampoos or bleaching products, the hair shafts with remain open and absorb color more rapidly. Another thing to remember is that the shampoo must be diluted to the point that the suds turn white rather than blue: White Suds=White Coat and Blue Suds=Blue Coat. Also for DOUBLE COATED breeds or other breeds with absorbent coats, the colors take effect much sooner and with more pigment. White Magic is a true whitening shampoo. This shampoo is a semi-permanent color, with a plant derived sufactant base. This whitening shampoo adds shine, controls frizz and prevents tangles and will NOT dry out or damage the coat! NOTE:If this is your first time using the White Magic, we recommend a slightly higher dilution ratio of 10 or 15 parts water to 1 part shampoo. DO NOT let the product sit in the coat until you are more familiar with the product. remember that every coat type has a different porosity and will absorb differently.

The Whitening Foam:

The Whitening Foam is designed to safely remove protein based stains utilizing enzymes, titanium dioxide and violet colorant.
NOTE:   Please test patch before using directly on your dog
We at MO like using the Whitening Foam on long beards that are stained and on stained feet.    This is NOT MADE for tear stains, so PLEASE AVOID THE EYES.


We recommend the LOVE MY EYES KIT or the LOVE MY EYES FACE WASH made for TEAR STAINS.   We hope to soon shoot a video tutorial on how we use this product.   A professional line to eliminate tear stains.

Travel Kits

A Great Way to Try the Whitening Lines

A great way to test out the different PURE PAWS lines is by trying out their TRAVEL KITS.    Remember that these are professional products and that you should dilute the shampoos 1 part shampoo to 10-12 parts warm water.   The travel kits can last quite a good amount of shampoos with the required dilution.
Silk Basics Travel Kit
Reconstruction Travel Kit
Oats & Aloe Travel Kit
Amplify Line Travel Kit

Blow Drying Brushes Used

Blow drying can make all the difference in how the dog will ultimately look.   It is especially important to blow dry correcting before any trimming or clipper work.    A great blow dryer and great brushes help make blow drying results great.     We LOVE the Chris Christensen wooden pin brush and the wooden slicker brush (Mark II Small Slicker Brush).     The wooden pin brush helps avoid any injury when drying around the face.     The Mark II Small Slicker brush is AMAZING at pulling the hair straight.    Pure Paws also had a slicker brush, which I also LOVE, but they are sold out at the moment.

GROOMING OBSESSION: Maltese Grooming at HOME – Body Trimming and Face Shaping




We will soon list the items that we used in this video so that you can find them on Amazon to purchase.

Bone Clips









NAIL Obsession: Using an ELECTRIC Nail Grinder to shorten nails






Maltese GROOMING: Uppity-Do-Dah Hairstyles

Many people had requested a video showing you how we put up Cosette’s hair for the Black and White photo.cropped-IMG_6750_sm.jpg

It is VERY IMPORTANT to NEVER include any of the EAR LEATHER when doing any type of hairstyles.   We ALWAYS check to ensure that ZERO SKIN is in any tied up hair, therefore only HAIR is banded.


The necklaces, and some of the hair accessories are sold in our MOBLING store.


Thank you and Happy Grooming!


Maltese Face Washing ~ Shampoo and Washing Maltese Beard and Face ~ Mini MO Facial SPAW

We show you are latest routine for washing and cleaning around the face. This is a ‘IN-Between’ baths face washing that has helped to whiten Dolce’s face and keep her muzzle very clean and healthy.

If you see our previous videos from ONE YEAR ago, Dolce’s tear stains and muzzle stains have very much whitened.   We added this new regime of shampooing the face and beard with the SHOW Premium SLS Free shampoo just before Christmas 2014.   We saw immediate results in cleaning up of all the dogs faces, while adding such a fresh smell to their kissable muzzles.

Tropiclean Blueberry Facial scrub can be found on Amazon   

Show Premium Pet products can be found at pishpad.com

MOBling is available on our website at


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