We have several ways to bath our dogs.    We often use soaking tubs to have the dogs SOAK in Shampoo as well as Conditioner.

DSC_6949BlogBathtub IMG_7713BlogBathtub





Soaking tubs are great for deep cleansing and conditioning.   You can find these drink tubs at Michaels during the summer months.   Foot soaking tubs that we have linked below are also great bath tubs for maltese less then 5 pounds.







We use a variety of products on the dogs that we groom.    When we bath puppies or dogs with sensitive skin issues, we like to use PURE PAWS OATS and ALOE.


Tropiclean Blueberry Facial Scrub — rinsed thoroughly and condition afterwards as it can cause hair to dry out if left in too long.

Chris Christens HAPPY EYES, Tearless Shampoo — Sulfate Free === This was a first time using this product.   I like how safe it is for the face.

I also used the SHOW PREMIUM PET PRODUCTS  ROYAL TREATMENT Shampoo on Dolce’s face.   THIS product is NOT made for the face as it is a body shampoo, but I enjoy the way it smells on the dogs faces.   I am very careful not to get this product in the eyes as it is NOT a Tearless shampoo, albeit it is a SLS free product.


PurePaws SILK BASICS Shampoo


PURE PAWS is available at or in our MO SHOP for cheaper shipping.    Amazon has some but the prices are very high!








After we bathe the dog, we immediately clean out the ears.   We also clean the ears weekly if possible to prevent ear infections.





GROOMING: Teeth Brushing ~ Maltese Teeth Brushing Tutorial


We hope you enjoy watching us brush our teeth so that we can KISS KISS our humans!


NOTE:    Normally the CET Virbac Vanilla Mint toothpaste should cost between $8-$12 dollars depending on where you can find it.   It is sold on Amazon, Chewy’s, Doctor Foster and Smith and in your local specialized/boutique pet supply stores.    Sometimes this particular flavor sells out, so we like to stock up when the price is good and supply is available.      Many dogs and their humans really love the chicken and beef flavored toothpaste as well.




Dreamy Chiffon & Pearl Hair Bling in 5 Colors!

Maltese Face Washing ~ Shampoo and Washing Maltese Beard and Face ~ Mini MO Facial SPAW

We show you are latest routine for washing and cleaning around the face. This is a ‘IN-Between’ baths face washing that has helped to whiten Dolce’s face and keep her muzzle very clean and healthy.

If you see our previous videos from ONE YEAR ago, Dolce’s tear stains and muzzle stains have very much whitened.   We added this new regime of shampooing the face and beard with the SHOW Premium SLS Free shampoo just before Christmas 2014.   We saw immediate results in cleaning up of all the dogs faces, while adding such a fresh smell to their kissable muzzles.

Tropiclean Blueberry Facial scrub can be found on Amazon   

Show Premium Pet products can be found at

MOBling is available on our website at


Tweety Face/Eye Wash and Simple Top Knot Tutorial

Tweety Face/Eye Wash and Simple Top Knot Tutorial

Tweety is making her debut VLOG appearance.    She was groomed into her Korean cut over a month ago, and we will VLOG her upcoming clipper Korean cut for viewers to see how we do this at home.
This technique of washing her eye area is only one of the many ways that we as maltese owners can keep the eye area as clean as we can.    
One question that I am sure to get is what our thoughts are on Angel Eyes and antibiotic treatments for eye tearing.  My experience working for many years in the pharmaceutical R&D as well as the sales and marketing end of antibiotics, has led me to lean against any unnecessary use of antibiotics for our family (both humans and dogs).    Bacterial drug resistance has become a huge problem in the pharmaceutical R&D world and I lived too close to seeing the human struggles resulting from antibiotic super infections and resistant strains of bacteria.

Spa Lavish Blueberry Facial Cleanser by Tropiclean

Above is pictured the Blueberry facial cleanser that is used in the video.   

On my other dog, I also use Contact Lens saline solution that contains Boric Acid to cleanse the eye area.   The saline cleansing is followed up with applying corn starch, which helps keep the eye area dry.

There are various different ways to clean the eyes and remove tear stains.    Excessive tear staining could be the result of blocked tear ducts, teeth problems and/or other health issues.

We hope you enjoy meeting Tweety!

Note:   All fluffs as wells as their groomers have different tastes, needs and favorites.   Not every SPAW treatment need be the same.    Maltese Obsession is happy to share our PAWSITIVELY Perfect GO TO Grooming experiences.