GTGT: Go To Grooming TOWEL == BLUE

GTGT: My BLUE BLUE Go To Grooming Towel

I’ve had 2 BLUE microfiber swimming towels that  are my FAVORITE towels for drying the dogs.   They are actually my sons that he used for swimming and they are very small and UBER absorbent, yet soft and gentle on the skin.

I have used these 2 BLUE GTGT == GO TO GROOMING TOWELS for over 5 years and they look like they are brand new!    No shedding, no fraying and simply GTGT AMAZING stuff.

WHY these Microfiber towels are GTGT

  • Lightweight
  • Super-Abosorbent
  • Quick-Drying
  • Compact in size
  • SOFTER then terry towels

The sad news is that I can’t remember where I purchased them and have no way of replacing them.   I’ve tried purchasing other ‘swimming microfiber’ towels but they are TOO FLIMSY or NOT ABSORBANT.  === thus the search continues.

HOT YOGA Mat Towel
Yoga Towel Mat Retails $50 == TJ MAX $16.99
Yoga Towel Mat Retails $50 == TJ MAX $16.99

Today I feel like I may have come close, but will have to TEST them out to be sure.   I stumbled across some YOGA MAT towels that are microfiber, pretty HEAVY weight and very soft to the touch.

We’ll have to see how absorbent they are, but they are definitely soft enough for me to use on my Pet Maltese.


They are DOUBLE the length of my GTGT   BLUE, so perhaps I can dry 2 dogs with one towel.

These normally run $50, but found them at TJ Max for $16.99!

Length is the FULL length of a YOGA Mat.   If they aren’t good enough to be a GTGT, then we can always use them by the pool as they are much lighter and compact then beach towels and FAR MORE ABSORBANT!

Yoga Towel Mat is MUCH Longer then my GTGT BLUE
Yoga Towel Mat is MUCH Longer then my GTGT BLUE

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