Dolce Daily Brush Out + July NEW Go To Grooming GOODIES!

Table Top Grooming Table — the colors available on Amazon vary — all MO GTGT items are sourced in the SHOP tab above!

DolceDOLCE Flip – Top Knot FLIP Tool   10% Discount Code is MO10

Dolce July Grooming Goodies
Dolce July Grooming Goodies

I believe the prices are better if you purchase direct through and use the 10% Discount Code MO10, but I have sourced some items through Amazon for those of you that are interested.  The travel kits are NOT available on Amazon

CET Virbac Enzymatic Toothpaste VANILLA MINT


Madan Steel Tail Comb

Madan Band Scissor
Chris Christensen

The wooden pin brush come in SMALL and Med ~~ I use the purple SMALL in the video.   Amazon available colors vary from day to day ~~ more colors are available on the Chris Christensen Website.

Yoga Towel Mat is MUCH Longer then my GTGT BLUEApana Hot Yoga Mat Microfiber Towels:    We found them for $16.99 at TJMaxx and Marshalls stores in the Athletic Sports Section.   They retails for $50


Baby Travel Pillow:   Comes in a variety of colors on Amazon.   We found them at TJ Maxx.


One + Two + Three Madan Brush Giveaway — YEAH!!!

Brand new Brushes
Grooming is Glamorous Celebration @ Maltese Obsession! No fireworks == just giving away Burshes, Combs, Tail Combs, Band Scissor, and DOLCE FLIP Tool!
Madan Brush Giveaway Contest
Madan Pin Brush Giveaway Contest == Help us Celebrate the Launch of Maltese Obsession: Grooming is Glamorous

Maltese Obsession’s Artistic Director & Co-Photographer will randomly select our winner(s) for our first giveaway contest(s)

MO is simply passionate about sharing the joys of home grooming our pet maltese family members.    Even if you take your pet maltese to the groomers for their cuts, they still need daily care and brushing!

BRUSHING?!!!…well there are lots of GOOD, BETTER and BEST choices for combs and brushes out on the market!    One that is relatively affordable and effective is the Madan Pin Brush and the Madan Grooming comb.





















































































Orange Madan Giveaway ContestOrange ‘Softy’ Madan Brush + Orange Aluminum Grooming Comb CONTEST RULES

Maltese Obsession Celebrates:    Brush + Comb + Band Scissor GIVEAWAY CONTEST
Maltese Obsession Celebrates: Brush + Comb + Band Scissor GIVEAWAY CONTEST

Baby Blue Madan Brush + Blue Steel Tail Comb + Blue Band Scissor CONTEST RULES

Purple Madan Pin Bursh + Purple Steel Tail Comb ++++ Dolce Flip Tool




Purple Madan Brush + Purple Steel Tail Comb + Dolce FLIP Tool ==== NO CONTEST RULES == JUST A RANDOM WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN based on Maltese Obession (MO website + MOFB + MOYoutube).

The Glamorous Band Scissor? $5 that saves those TOP KNOTS!

Top Knot Band Scissor Review

I love the old saying “You Get What You Pay For!”.    I like chirping this line when I am justifying buying top end kitchen items, designer cosmetics and of course high end couture grooming tools!   

Madan band scissor isolating the rubber band
In the last post I mentioned the Designated Doo-Doo comb and scissor.   
Another LOW COST tool packed with HIGH FUNCTION, in OUR home is the simple $5 Madan Band Scissor.     They come in a variety of colors and are available at     Jenny will give you the most amazing customer service around.
How many of you out there have painstakingly and ever so patiently grown out your dogs top knot hair!?   This is not for the impatient hearts, and I AM VERY IMPATIENT.    All of my dogs wear top knots.   

I still remember the HORROR of being lazy and not using the BAND SCISSOR to cut out the rubber band from a top knot when YIKES — I snipped some of the PRECIOUS TOP KNOT HAIR.   
I also snipped the front section, so of course these hairs now had to be pinned back until they grew back long enough to be held in the top knot band.   Yes, I had to pay for my laziness and impatience in quickly snipping.    
Maybe it is just me, but growing out the top knot hair really is a test of my patience.   Mostly because I feel bad for my dogs having me clip the loose hairs that aren’t long enough to be banded.   I like seeing that their eyes are clear and not being poked by pesky hairs.   
After my lazy accident, I have these tiny band scissors in every Grooming Bouquet, in every room.   I also have a couple in the dogs bathing area.   These $5 band scissors really make it easy to see that I ONLY HAVE THE RUBBER BAND IN THE SCISSOR.   Yeah!!!

Flipping the top know forward over the dogs face and cutting the band from the BACK side of topknot
Tips that I like to show my kids when they help me with redoing the dogs top knot is to always cut the rubber band from behind the ponytail.    That way, if they accidentally snip any hairs the shorter hairs will not be in front of the face, but behind the ponytail.    Using the band scissor correctly essentially alleviates any precious top know hairs from being sliced, but still I like my kids to be careful and always cut from behind the ponytail.

I personally find that having my hands holding the ponytail, before pulling on the rubber band, helps me catch the band after I cut it.   This will prevent the rubber band from hurting my sweet fluff.   By pulling the band you will hopefully see that no hairs are caught in the scissor.   If you look closely here, there is 1 (one) single hair caught and will get snipped!

Here is another angle. You can see my hands and fingers are protecting the face and head of my dog as I
  1. Isolate one strand of the rubber band
  2. pull away, while holding the top knot with my fingers to prevent pulling on my dogs head
  3. snip the band

My finger going INTO band before cutting — to catch it when it retracts
This picture shows that after I stretch the band to ensure I only have the band — I SLIDE MY FINGER into the band before I actually SNIP.    The band POPS onto my finger and I catch it, just in case it snaps and unravels.    Kind of never will hurt the dog if you don’t do this, but I just have a habit to do this as a safety precaution.    I don’t really think it is necessary for everyone…but since my daughter took these photos…might as well post them!!

Now back to the old saying ‘”You get what you pay for”!    I LOVE this saying.


I thought I would get a fancy pair of Band Scissors.    Instead of $5 for the Madan ones, I paid $15!    They had to be better, RIGHT?!!


WRONG!!!   See the picture below — yuck!


Expensive Band Scissors —- I didn’t ‘GET WHAT I PAID FOR’ this time!



The above picture are my HIGH END Expensive Band Scissors!!…OOPS!!


I purchased the Madan Pink band scissor over 4 years ago — STILL LIKE NEW



I’ve owned the above two band scissors for the same number of years…can’t remember, but it’s over 4 years.   Both of these have been sitting at my main grooming station!     YUCK on my fancy expensive ones.   Yes, that is rust!    WHAT?!!!

End of my story…