Round 2: GTGT Madan Brush Giveaway = ORANGE Madan + ORANGE x-long Comb

“Madan “Orange Softy’ PIn Brush + Aluminum x-Long pin Comb — Giveaway Contest



Maltese Obsession ‘GTGT’ Giveaway Contest:    RULES for Round 2

GTGT = Go To Grooming Tool!

  • Please list your FAVORITE and ‘CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT’ GTGT here in the comments section
  • Show us a picture of your GTGT under the same picture above of DOLCE (with the Orange Brush) on our Facebook page in the comments section of same picture
  • Entries must be submitted by Sunday, June 22nd Midnight 
  • Winning Maltese Obsessed owner must live in the United States
  • Winning Maltese must be subscribed to MO YouTube & FB

We at Maltese Obsession are OBSESSED with grooming and sharing some of our GTGT’s with our Maltese Obsessed friends.    Even if you take your maltese to a groomer, it is very useful to have a brush and a comb handy for daily brush outs!    Mat’s be gone when you enjoy time bonding with your fluff during daily brush outs!

Good Luck and Happy Grooming!

Orange 2
Orange Madan Regular Pin Brush GIVEAWAY CONTEST == this brush has a SOFT pin cushion and is great for dogs that are sensitive to brushing.
pink alum 2
The Orange x-long pin Aluminum Comb is great for overall combing and finishing, but also the wide set teeth are great ‘in a pinch’ for pulling out a band.
Madan Aluminim xLong pin Comb is also a great tool to lift the hairs when doing clipper work OR to use as a guide when clipping the dogs.

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9 Replies to “Round 2: GTGT Madan Brush Giveaway = ORANGE Madan + ORANGE x-long Comb”

  1. Leo’s pretty low maintenance since he’s in a shorter cut with no top knot (he kept taking them out and ate the rubberband once!), so I’d say our favorite GTGT right now is just his face wash–Spa Lavish!

  2. Oh, there are so many…but the one I can not live without is my Chris Christensen brass pin pocket brush! Although I love my Madan’s too (especially the one with the cute maltese painted on).

  3. Our gtg is a tiny little comb with close pins on one side and pins spaced further apart on the other. I just wish Tucker wouldn’t hang his little head every time he sees it!

  4. Wow we have similar GTGT when it comes to brushes! Georgie Girl always look so pretty so we know that CC Brass pin pocket is a definite GTGT for us at MO also. Thanks for enter the ‘Orange Softy’ contest!

  5. Love my CC wood pin brush and ice on ice conditioner! Guess I’m going shopping for more grooming supplies!

  6. We have similar loves for CC Wood Pin and ICE! Thanks for sharing and entering our Giveaway Contest! Good luck and Happy Grooming…and shopping! We love shopping for grooming supplies!

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