Orange Smooth vs Baby Blue Favorite

Madan Orange Softy Pin Brush vs Baby Blue

I ordered an Orange Soft Regular Madan Pin brush after writing my first blog post ‘Battle of my Favorite Brushes:  Part 1’.   It just felt like I needed to KNOW whether there was a brush out there that would oust my GROOMING GO TO Baby Blue Perfection Brush!.
Is SOFTER Better??????   Left:   Baby Blue MED vs Orange SOFT
Baby Blue Regular with MED Cushion vs Orange Regular with SOFTY Cushion (Madan $22)
The ‘Battle of my Favorite Brushes:   Part 1’ is here in case you missed it
Rather then keep myself wondering if the Orange Softy might be better then my Faithful Baby Blue, I placed an order with Jenny and ordered some new items to create a new Brush/Comb Bouquet.     I will be busy testing out some of these new combs out to battle against my GROOMING GO TO COMBS.
My sweet fluffs did a great job helping me test out Orange Softy for the last 3 days.    Each of my maltese have different areas where they prefer a GENTLER brushing.   


Orange SOFTY vs Baby Blue MEDIUM


First, I opened the Orange Softy and tested it out on my arm as well as my own scalp.    I did a BLIND test and closed my eyes and tested the brush on my arm as well (it’s the scientist in me).     Honestly speaking I was surprised to find that the pin tips seemed a bit sharper then the pin tips of my BABY BLUE. Visually the pins seemed identical but there was definitely a difference in the tips of the new Orange Softy.   


Look at the Pins on my ‘OLDIE BUT GOODIE BABY BLUE!     Looks brand new after 4 years of daily use!


Now I must factor in that I have had my BABY BLUE for over 4 years now and I use it daily.   It LOOKS BRAND NEW, but over the 4 years it is possible that the tips of each pin have been dulled out some, which might explain that fact that the tips of the BABY BLUE are softer/gentler on the skin then the BRAND NEW ORANGE SOFTY.
Hmmmm what does DOLCE think of the Orange Softy??
Now before I share with you a CLEAR WINNER in the Grooming Go To Brush OFF,  here is a story that comes to mind.   
Goldilocks and the three bears!    Baby bear cub tried out the porridge that was TOO HOT — not good.     Baby bear tasted TOO COLD — not good.     Baby bear tasted and LOVED the porridge that was PERFECT!!!


TOO SOFT???    The pins TURN with the slightest hair tangle — thus pins TWIST & RELEASE (no pulling and hurting the dog if there is a mat or slight tangle)


MO’s Maltese tried out the brush that was TOO HARD — not good.     MO’s Maltese tried the brush that was TOO SOFT — twas almost good.    
MO’s Maltese is sticking with the brush that is PERFECT GROOMING GO TO BRUSH BABY BLUE!
The Orange Softy Regular and the Lavendar Soft SMALL are GOOD BRUSHES!    The story above was just sharing that it didn’t make it into the PERFECT BRUSH category for the Maltese Obsession Pack.    I’ve had the Lavendar Small Softy for over 3 years and while I do use in regularly, my dogs as well as I LOVE our Baby Blue Regular.    
The soft cushion of the Orange Smoothy is slightly too soft to get a completely perfect brushing on the ares that have longer hair.    On our maltese I need a firmer cushion for the legs and tail where the hair is longer.    The orange cushion is so soft that the pins turn before they completely brush out and fluff out the hair.   I can achieve a TOTAL brush out with multiple strokes, but I like to save time and brush them out quickly so that there is more time to play fetch with them.    The fact that the PIN’S TURN DUE TO THE SOFT CUSHION IS AN IDEAL FEATURE IF THERE ARE ANY MATS, as the pins will release any TOUGH MATS rather then PULL AND HURT YOUR DOG!     
I am very happy that I own the Orange Softy Regular and the Lavendar Softy Small as these soft cushion brushes are very much needed to brush out sensitive areas that have accumulated some mats.   I would also use these if I was grooming a guest fluff that might be sensitive to brushing in the legs.   The best reason to own these is that they look LOVELY IN BY BRUSH BOUQUET vases!    Only the top brushes are included in our Brush Bouquets!   The Orange Softy is a welcome addition to my Waterford Vases.
USES:    These steel pin brushes are excellent for daily brushing, brushing and straightening the hair during blow drying.
All Madan pin brushes can be purchased from Jenny at        Currently the colors with the same MEDIUM pin cushion in REGULAR has current stock in the colors (black, lavender and pink), but stock refreshes and the other colors should come back available.   The smaller brush with the MED pin cushion has current stock in (baby blue, blue, green, orange, pink and purple).
Now that I know that our MO pack favors the REGULAR pin cushion, I can collect all the other colors for my Brush Bouquets!    What colors should we get to fill our vases???     
Note:   All fluffs as well as their groomers have different tastes, needs and favorites.   These are just our preferences based on our needs and preferences.     We welcome you to share what your PERFECT GROOMING GO TO BRUSHES are with us!


  • Madan Small is    $20    9 rows of 22mm pins 
  • Madan Regular is $22   11 rows of 22 mm pins  
  • Madan Oblong is $20    7 rows of 22 mm pins

Note:   All fluffs as wells as their groomers have different tastes, needs and favorites.   Not every SPAW treatment need be the same.    Maltese Obsession is happy to share our PAWSITIVELY Perfect GO TO Grooming experiences.

Please acquire your dog through an ethical, reputable and HUMANE AKC breeder, or better yet please consider adopting one of many maltese and other dogs available through your local rescue @  

Never, never invest a single penny at a petstore that sells puppies…just saying…

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