Battle of My Favorite Brushes: Madan Pin vs CC Fusion & Wood Pin

Battle of my Favoriate Brushes

Madan Brushes vs. Chris Christensen CC Fusion & CC Wooden Pin

This is my first blog entry using the FB notes. I am always sharing both information and dog grooming tools with friends, so I decided to start journaling my opinions and experiences here.    My kids asked me to journal all of my thoughts on what dog foods, grooming tools, bedding, accessory brands etc.    They wanted to be able to reference my journal notes for when they leave the nest and become individual dog owners of their own.    Maltese Obsession Notes:    Dedicated to my pack of kids and dog, with LOVE!

The maltese dogs have hair, similar to humans requiring the proper brushes to effectively brush and maintain their coats.   The number one complaint I have heard is that dogs do not like to have their LEGS nor TAIL brushed out, so some owners just do not EVER brush out their Maltese dogs.   I guess the philosophy is that we want to be humans and not hurt our dogs nor cause them any anxiety.

Owners will have their maltese legs shaved pretty short at the groomer, thinking that this will alleviate any need to brush them out between grooms.   Sadly, sometimes having the legs shaved MAY cause an even greater need to brush daily (depending on the coast and length of the trim), as the new hair growing out will NATURALLY tangle with the existing hair and cause mats really close to the skin (OUCH).

Brush Bouquet
MATS HURT the dogs and really should be loosened, brushed out or ‘if all else fails’ CUT OUT, in order to prevent the dog from having pain or developing serious skin issues.   If I imagine someone pulling a clump of my hair 24/7, it naturally brings tears to my eyes, and I have a pretty high tolerance for someone pulling on my hair….   My daughter has a super hypersensitive scalp and does not tolerate harsh brushing AT ALL, so if I imagine one of my dogs having that same low pain tolerance, I am saddened to think that any mat would be causing them that much CONSTANT 24/7 pain.

Dogs will learn to LOVE or at least tolerate DAILY brushing with the right tool specifically made to do the job. I am an avid cook and I guess the comparison I would use is that you wouldn’t use a wok to grill a pancake nor would you use a fry pan to boil water for pasta?! Yes, I have a Maltese obsession as well as a food obsession.

Left to Right:   CC Fusion Pink, CC Wooden Pin, Madan Small Oval SOFT, Madan Regular MED,  Madan Oblong Pink MED
Best way to see how gentle a brush is on your dog is to try brushing your hair with it first. I personally like to test my brushes out on my scalp sensitive daughter. If it gently takes out tangles on her hair without hurting her, then it has passed the 1st round test for me.
The brushes reviewed below will work great on any drop coat breed. I have used them on silky coat, cottony coats and curly mixed breed coats with great success.
New puppy owners or new-to-home-groomers should be very careful using any type of brush near a dogs face, until both YOU and YOUR FLUFF are calm and comfortable with the brushes and the brushing process. We wouldn’t want to accidentally poke an eye or pinch an ear or PULL ON A MAT = OUCH.
Madan Lavendar SOFT Small and Baby Blue MED Regular
Let’s take a look at the Madan pin brushes first.
These come in a Rainbow of Colors. The cushions vary between SOFT (Orange), to MEDIUM (Black, Blue, Baby Blue, Green, Lavender, Pink, Purple and Red), and finally HARD (Black brush with a RED cushion + Apple Green). If you live in the US, they can be most easily purchased from using Paypal, but she will also allow for mail in check payment if you make a special request.
Lavendar Small SOFT, Baby Blue Reg MED, Oblong Pink FIRM
  • Madan Small is    $20    9 rows of 22mm pins MED/Firm  
  • Madan Regular is $22   11 rows of 22 mm pins 
  • Madan Oblong is $20    7 rows of 22 mm pins
Let’s take a look at them being used on our morning brushing of Dolce.
Lavendar Small $20     Baby Blue Regular $22

 The cushion is slightly firmer then the larger baby blue one pictured below, but the difference is pretty negligable in its functionality. 

Lavendar Madan Small Soft $20.   Great size for entrée body and legs 

This small size is perfect for ears, tail, body and maneuvering around the legs. The cushion allows the pins to turn and pull out of a mat, rather then pull and hurt the dog. This is why one should always go sorting with a brush on the sensitive areas (LEGS, TAIL, EARS). 

Combs in these sensitive areas will harshly pull on even the tiniest mat and our dogs NEVER forget this OUCH, and will protest a comb coming in any direction near these sensitive areas. I only use a comb after I have thoroughly brushed out all areas of the body. COMBS produce and awesome finish on the coat, but only after all tangles and mats have been painLESSly brushed out.


Madan Regular Baby Blue MED Pin Cushion $22, LOVE THIS SIZE
This Regular BABY BLUE is my absolute favorite brush to use. The only soft (REGular) cushion is on the ORANGE, which I do not own (YET). The baby blue has a soft enough cushion on it that dogs usually never complain when I use this on their legs or tail. I may invest on the ORANGE for this softer cushion, to be used on any guest dogs that I groom that might be too sensitive around their legs. 
I once had a mixed breed YELP at me even when she saw the brush going anywhere near her legs. She pretty quickly got used to the Baby Blue approaching her legs, and stopped yelping –cute lil’ pup.
A new puppy or rescue dog would probably benefit from getting used to being brushed with the SOFTEST ORANGE regular size brush. Anyone out there own the Orange Softy?
Jenny’s website states that she is expecting the SMALL SOFT LAVENDER to come in soon.   Hmmm …My fluffs will let you know the verdict on the SOFT ORANGE and the SOFTY Small Lavender…stay tuned

Here is Part 2:   which reviews the Orange Softy


Though this brush is slightly larger then the small brush, I find it just as easy to brush out all parts of my maltese legs and body. It is too large to use around the ears and face safely, for tiny dogs under 10#.

It is ideal to use a detangled spray first on the legs and tail to softly brush out these areas without going all the way to the skin. You will feel if the brush catches and check first to ensure that there are no major mats. A detangling spray, together with a great brush like the MADAN, will facilitate the brushing and help alleviate pain from pulling. After surface brushing, I like to lift the hairs and brush out the legs in layers from the bottom of the leg upwards, ensure that the hairs closer to the skin are nicely brushed out. I do plan on another FB Notes entry and a VLOG on my daily and weekly brushing routine.

Madan Oblong Pink (FIRM cushion) $20

Here is the light Pink Oblong FIRM Cushion Madan brush. I originally thought that this would be my favorite brush for my dogs based on the nice 1.5″ width of the brush head. Though the skinny width of this brush is nice, the FIRM cushion makes this brush my DOGS LEAST favorite. My dogs do show a slight dislike when I brush them with this brush. This brush isn’t necessarily my GO TO brush, but I do use it weekly and it look lovely in my Waterford BRUSH BOUQUETS…

Chris Christensen’s Small Wood Pin Brush in Purple: This brush comes in a Large 8 1/2″ body and a Small 7″ body. The small has 6 rows of 20mm wood pins, which make the pins shorter then the Madan brushes.

  • CC Purple WOODEN pin brush, shorter stubbier pins then the metal pin brushes

    8 1/2″ Large Wood Pin $35 (comes in Lime Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, and Black)
  •   7″ Small Wood Pin        $25 (comes in Lime Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Black, Bright Yellow)

The website shares the value of the brush as 100% static free and a gentle detangling brush. I chose the smaller 7′ brush as I would use this particular brush specifically on the legs and tail for detangling purposes. I always mist my dogs with a conditioning spray and/or a detangling spray prior to brushing their legs or tail. 

This wooden pin brush does indeed facilitate gentle brushing out of any mats. Severe mats should first be worked out with a detangling spray and your fingers. Daily minor mats come out pretty gently by spraying first with a detangler, followed by gently brushing out with this genius brush. 

  • Static Free? = YES
  • Gentle on dogs legs? = YES
  • Effective for brushing out loose mats? = YES
  • Groom Grip handle = nice
  • Cool choose of colors = FUN!
CC 7″ SMALL Wooden Pin Brush
CC 7″ SMALL Wooden Pin Brush

I’ve been working with this brush daily on my fluffs to evaluate how much I really like them as I normally like to have ‘ONE IN EVERY ROOM’ if I feel that it would be a staple for my daily grooming. While I do find this brush to be incredibly functional and would use it for dogs with sensitive legs and ears, I feel like it isn’t a brush that I would keep in every room of my house. 

The wooden pins being shorter and thicker in girth then the Madan brushes, I feel that the hairs on the legs, ears and tail of my dogs are not as cleanly separated and brushed ‘fluffed’ out with this particular brush. I can eventually get the coat to be completely separated and fluffy brushed out if I brush them long enough, but that takes time….

I seem to get a better ‘fluffy brush out’ when I do a full brush out with the Madan brush, followed by a nice follow up with a large CC comb. 

I did indeed wait for a day with high level of static to compare this ‘no static’ brush to the Madan, and indeed the CC Wooden pin would be my go to brush for those static filled days! 

Overall one can’t go wrong with any of the Madan or CC brushes. My favorite is still the Regular Baby Blue Madan, but I use the others throughout my house and grooming bag. The one brush that I would toss in the garbage (wait — I actually did toss them), are any slicker brushes. My dogs hate them and I …well I tossed them. That is just my personal preference, but I also let my dogs tell me what they favor.

The last brush that I wanted to review is the Chris Christensen KoolColor Fusion. These brushes have a higher density of pins, which are polished brass. 

  • Large Fusion 8 1/2″ body is $50 with 20mm polished brass pins (Black, Blue, Lime, Purple, Pink, Bright Yellow)
  • Large Fusion 8 1/2″ body is $55 with 27 mm (Black, Blue, Lime, Purple, Pink, Coral)
  • Smaller Pocket 7″ body is     $45 with 9 rows of 27mm polished brass pins (Black, Blue, Lime, Purple, Pink)

Top:   CC 7″ Fusion Hot Pink, Madan SMALL SOFT Lavendar, CC Fusion Small, CC 7″ Wooden Pin

The above photo shows the size of the CC Fusion compared to the Small Madan and the CC Wood Pin. These are all great sizes for working both the body as well as the hard to reach areas such as the legs and around the ears and lower beard. The photo shows that the Madan head and overall brush length is SLIGHTLY longer then the CC 7″ brushes. I do not notice any functional differences based on size.

Pink CC Fusion 7″, Lavendar Madan Small, Blue CC Fusion 7″


The CC Fusion brass pins are 27mm whereas the Madan small is 22mm. I measured the pins of both of these and there is only a 3 mm difference between them. You can see the from the photo above that there is a very slight difference in the length of the pins. The middle lavendar Madan small pin brush has slightly shorter pins then the CC Fusion small brushes on either side of it.

I once traveled with my grooming kit to groom a Malti-Poo, who had severe matting in her legs. This Madan Fusion worked wonders on her very curly coat. I brushed her pretty thoroughly and then clipped her body. The brush fluffed her so nicely that using a Bravura with a metal comb attachment created an even and fluffy body throughout. Sadly this brush had too firm a cushion to use on her sensitive legs and I didn’t have the wooden pin brush, nor a detangling spray in my kit. My verdict was that this was an AWESOME brush to use on this curly malti-poo, but that the owner should invest in a detangling spray as well as a CC wooden pin OR a Madan ORANGE (softest cushion) brush.

Boutique of Brushes displayed in a Waterford Vase

And here are just a few more pictures of the different brushes next to Dolce’s face for size comparison.

Madan Regular Baby Blue (Medium Cushion) $22
Madan Pink Oblong $20
CC 7″ Wooden Pin $25

The CC wooden pin brush has the dullest tips, so the likely hood of injury to the eye or any area from the pins is less then the CC brass pin or Madan pin.Again, I would caution being careful using any of these brushes around the eyes, until your fluffs and YOU are comfortable with the brushing process. If you have a nervous or a dog that jerks it’s head around, it is safer to just stay clear of the face in order to ensure that no eyes get accidentally poked. I remember reading somewhere ‘Humanity Before Vanity’.

Verdict? The Madan brushes are less expensive and if you are like me and love having one in every color, then you can purchase 2 Madan brushes for the price of one CC Fusion. I personally like having brushes in all the rooms of my house that I hang out in with the dogs, so that I can brush them wherever I am. I have brush bouquets in every room and it is more affordable to fill my brush vases with Madan brushes. My grooming station and grooming kit hold both Madan and CC brushes as I reach for both/all of my grooming brushes for major grooms. If I had to pick only one brush — I would grab the Baby Blue Madan Regular, but who knows I may try out the SOFT ORANGE Madan and that might be my new FAV. What is your FAVORITE brush?? What is your fluffs FAVORITE brush??

Thanks for visiting!



  • Madan Small is    $20    9 rows of 22mm pins 
  • Madan Regular is $22   11 rows of 22 mm pins  
  • Madan Oblong is $20    7 rows of 22 mm pins

USES:    These steel pin brushes are excellent for daily brushing, brushing and straightening the hair during blow drying.




  • 8 1/2″ Large Wood Pin $35 (comes in Lime Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, and Black)
  • 7″ Small Wood Pin        $25 (comes in Lime Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Black and Bright Yellow)

USES:    These wooden pin brushes are excellent for daily brushing, brushing and straightening the hair during blow drying.


  • Large Fusion 8 1/2″ body is   $50 with 20mm polished brass pins 
  • Large Fusion 8 1/2″ body is   $55 with 27 mm 
  • Smaller Pocket 7″ body is     $45 with 9 rows of 27mm polished brass pins 


USES:    These CC Brass pin brushes are excellent for daily brushing on a CLEAN, DRY COAT

Note:   All fluffs as wells as their groomers have different tastes, needs and favorites.   Not every SPAW treatment need be the same.    Maltese Obsession is happy to share our PAWSITIVELY Perfect GO TO Grooming experiences.


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