Dolce’s Winter WHITE Spa Bath – Pure Paws White Magic Foam, Amplify Shampoo, Silk Basics Shampoo

Dolce’s Winter Spa Bath 

Pure Paws Spa Smoothie  – WINTER


WINTER SNOW WHITE is how we love our Team MO girls to look, but with fresh cooked foods and our mud and crud outdoors, it can take some great key products to achieve the WHITE we love.    We let Dolce’s face go dirty and naturally stained for awhile to test out the new Pure Paws Whitening Foam.   Her face stains from fresh cooked foods and from her saliva.    We do NOT use the Pure Paws Whitening Foam near the eyes.
Tear stain products will be reviewed in a future Blog / Vlog.
Our newest favorite product for spot whitening of the long beard or stained paws is Pure Paws Whitening Foam. It is far more effective at whitening the stained beard then all of the previous products we have showed you. Whitening Foam and White Magic are very different applications.
If you need a product to break up the protein stains in the paws, Pure Paws has a Bio-Ensymatic Pretreatment Spray that safely removes protein stains.

In the video we share one of our WINTER WHITE Pure Paws Spa Smoothie mixtures.   The winter can bring drier coats for our girls so we mix Amplify Shampoo with Silk Basics Shampoo, or we sometimes use Silk Basics only.     We will add a TINY amount of WHITE MAGIC about once every 3-4 baths to help brighten and whiten the girls coats.
The STAR LINE Brightening Shampoo is also a good alternative to the WHITE MAGIC.    You can use this alone diluted 1:10 or 1:12, or you can mix this Star Line Brightening Shampoo with the SILK Basics, Amplify or Reconstructing Lines from Pure Paws.
NOTE:    Please test on a small patch before using any of the whitening products by Pure Paws.    Heavier then normal conditioning is also recommended after using any of the whitening line products.



The White Magic:    

A few drops or a 1/4  cap or  1/2 cap can be added to a bath smoothie mixture to give the coat an extra boost of brightening and whitening. Information on White Magic
With our White Magic Shampoo, any dog with white hair that needs to look a little whiter and a little brighter is in luck. Pure Paws White Magic Shampoo is a coloring shampoo. It is important to know that when using any bluing shampoo, the coat should be very healthy.If the coat has been altered with any products that pull color such as enzymatic shampoos or bleaching products, the hair shafts with remain open and absorb color more rapidly. Another thing to remember is that the shampoo must be diluted to the point that the suds turn white rather than blue: White Suds=White Coat and Blue Suds=Blue Coat. Also for DOUBLE COATED breeds or other breeds with absorbent coats, the colors take effect much sooner and with more pigment. White Magic is a true whitening shampoo. This shampoo is a semi-permanent color, with a plant derived sufactant base. This whitening shampoo adds shine, controls frizz and prevents tangles and will NOT dry out or damage the coat! NOTE:If this is your first time using the White Magic, we recommend a slightly higher dilution ratio of 10 or 15 parts water to 1 part shampoo. DO NOT let the product sit in the coat until you are more familiar with the product. remember that every coat type has a different porosity and will absorb differently.

The Whitening Foam:

The Whitening Foam is designed to safely remove protein based stains utilizing enzymes, titanium dioxide and violet colorant.
NOTE:   Please test patch before using directly on your dog
We at MO like using the Whitening Foam on long beards that are stained and on stained feet.    This is NOT MADE for tear stains, so PLEASE AVOID THE EYES.


We recommend the LOVE MY EYES KIT or the LOVE MY EYES FACE WASH made for TEAR STAINS.   We hope to soon shoot a video tutorial on how we use this product.   A professional line to eliminate tear stains.

Travel Kits

A Great Way to Try the Whitening Lines

A great way to test out the different PURE PAWS lines is by trying out their TRAVEL KITS.    Remember that these are professional products and that you should dilute the shampoos 1 part shampoo to 10-12 parts warm water.   The travel kits can last quite a good amount of shampoos with the required dilution.
Silk Basics Travel Kit
Reconstruction Travel Kit
Oats & Aloe Travel Kit
Amplify Line Travel Kit

Blow Drying Brushes Used

Blow drying can make all the difference in how the dog will ultimately look.   It is especially important to blow dry correcting before any trimming or clipper work.    A great blow dryer and great brushes help make blow drying results great.     We LOVE the Chris Christensen wooden pin brush and the wooden slicker brush (Mark II Small Slicker Brush).     The wooden pin brush helps avoid any injury when drying around the face.     The Mark II Small Slicker brush is AMAZING at pulling the hair straight.    Pure Paws also had a slicker brush, which I also LOVE, but they are sold out at the moment.

GROOMING OBSESSION: Maltese Grooming at HOME – Body Trimming and Face Shaping




We will soon list the items that we used in this video so that you can find them on Amazon to purchase.

Bone Clips









Maltese Face Washing ~ Shampoo and Washing Maltese Beard and Face ~ Mini MO Facial SPAW

We show you are latest routine for washing and cleaning around the face. This is a ‘IN-Between’ baths face washing that has helped to whiten Dolce’s face and keep her muzzle very clean and healthy.

If you see our previous videos from ONE YEAR ago, Dolce’s tear stains and muzzle stains have very much whitened.   We added this new regime of shampooing the face and beard with the SHOW Premium SLS Free shampoo just before Christmas 2014.   We saw immediate results in cleaning up of all the dogs faces, while adding such a fresh smell to their kissable muzzles.

Tropiclean Blueberry Facial scrub can be found on Amazon   

Show Premium Pet products can be found at

MOBling is available on our website at


Dolce Daily Brush Out + July NEW Go To Grooming GOODIES!

Table Top Grooming Table — the colors available on Amazon vary — all MO GTGT items are sourced in the SHOP tab above!

DolceDOLCE Flip – Top Knot FLIP Tool   10% Discount Code is MO10

Dolce July Grooming Goodies
Dolce July Grooming Goodies

I believe the prices are better if you purchase direct through and use the 10% Discount Code MO10, but I have sourced some items through Amazon for those of you that are interested.  The travel kits are NOT available on Amazon

CET Virbac Enzymatic Toothpaste VANILLA MINT


Madan Steel Tail Comb

Madan Band Scissor
Chris Christensen

The wooden pin brush come in SMALL and Med ~~ I use the purple SMALL in the video.   Amazon available colors vary from day to day ~~ more colors are available on the Chris Christensen Website.

Yoga Towel Mat is MUCH Longer then my GTGT BLUEApana Hot Yoga Mat Microfiber Towels:    We found them for $16.99 at TJMaxx and Marshalls stores in the Athletic Sports Section.   They retails for $50


Baby Travel Pillow:   Comes in a variety of colors on Amazon.   We found them at TJ Maxx.


Dolce Polar Bear Face and Summer Short Trim with Palazzo Legs Video Tutorial

Part 1:    Body Clip using Wahl Bravura Clipper — Summer Town and Country Clip Tutorial

// ]]>

Dolce Summer Cut Short Body Trim using Wahl Bravura Clipper to Clip her body


Part 1 we first trimmed the body short and left the legs long to give Dolce long Palazzo pant legs.   DOLCE FLIP Tutorial is included in this video.

  1. Clipper the body
  2. Trim the Feet
  3. Dolce FLIP TopKNOT Tool
  4. Dancing DOLCE Ending


Pure Paws Shampoo






These videos are targeting maltese pet owners that would like to learn how to groom or touch-up/tidy groom their maltese at home.    The instruction is focused on helping to guide newer pet maltese home groomers.

Please be aware that every groomer and every pet maltese owners has personal tastes and preferences as to the look and hair styles that they prefer on their dogs.   We are sharing some of the variations of our favorite styles that we enjoy with our pet maltese.


Part 2:   Polishing the Body Clip + Polar Bear Face Trimming Tutorial

Part 2:

  1. Dolce Bear Face Trim and Summer Cut TutorialBack comb body using a 7 1/2″ groomers comb
  2. Polish 2nd time clipper the body to even out the coat
  3. Scissor shape the face
  4. Dolce FLIP topknot (buy tool on Amazon)
  5. Touch-up Tidy ears

TOOLS Used on Amazon:
DSC_0776 DSC_0833 DSC_8087 DSC_8090 - Version 2 DSC_8209

Dolce’s Daily Care Routine: Maltese Brushing, Tear Stain Cleaning, Teeth Brushing and Top Knot

Dolce shares our daily morning ‘Maltese Care Routine’ in a video tutorial, which will include:

  • Top Knot Flip aka ‘Dolce’s Flip’ top knot
  • Tear stain cleaning and eye hair drying
  • Teeth brushing
  • Brush out
  • Dingle Berry (aka:   Hitch Hiker, po0-poo, visitor, doo-doo) removal
  • Post brush out ZOOMIES

Dolce hanging out with Pinky after the video shoot

Dolce:  last clipper groom 2 months ago!   She is growing out nicely!

Products discussed:   Link to our Favorites all Sourced on Amazon

  • Heart ponytail flip tool (available on Amazon)
  • Contact solution (any brand that contains Boric Acid).
  • Virbac C.E.T. Vanilla MINT Enzymatic Toothpaste
  • Virbac C.E.T.  small toothpaste
  • Chris Christensen Ice on Ice Detangling spray
  • Pure Paws Classic Shine Conditioning Spray
  • Madan Apple Green FIRM Cushion brush
  • Madan steel tail comb
  • Chris Christensen 7.5″ #000 Coarse/Fine Buttercomb

Links and more information about combs and brushes used are in the below listed blogs/vlog

Comb Review and Blog

Madan Brushes and Chris Christensen Burshes Reviewed

Green Madan Pin Brush with FIRM Cushion is reviewed here

Dolce and Pinky wanting a Special Treat after their Video Tutorial Tapings

Paw Spaw Part 1 – How to Clip the Paw Hairs using Bravura and BravMini

Paw Spaw – Clipping the Paw Hairs Using a Bravura and BravMini   Includes a Video Tutorial



Pinky d’Winky aka Pinky d’Stinky will be our model for a tutorial on how we, at Maltese Obsession, clip the hairs around our feet as well as around our paw pads.    
Pinky’s nickname is Pinky d’Stinky, because she is the one that has a stinkin’ cute personality.      Her favorite place to sleep is right under my neck, which makes it impossible for me to breathe…
We use a few different methods to clip the hairs within the paw pads as well as around the feet.       SHOP our Favorite GTGT on AMAZON
  1. Wahl Bravura at a #15 or #30 setting
  2. Wahl Bravura MINI – which as a #30 blade
  3. 4.5″ Pixi curved shears + 7″ curved shears
Today we will show you the Wahl Bravura and BravMini.
Note:   FLOAT the clipper PARALLEL to paw pad as shown above!

First let’s briefly discuss the Wahl Bravura & Bravura Lithium:
If you jump onto grooming blogs and forums, you will read many rave reviews and comments filled with adoration for this cord/cordless clipper.    The Bravura’s  claim to fame are:
  • QUIET — this will be demonstrated in the video
  • 5-in-1 blade  that doesn’t get HOT (does get warm)
  • Available in COOL Pretty Colors
  • Metal attachment combs that glide through hair – YES!
  • Cord or CORDLESS use ( I prefer CORDLESS)
  • Newer Lithium-ion battery is said to hold a longer charge
Bravura costs about            $129-ish (orig Brav hard to find)
Bravura Lithium about      $149-ish
Bravura MINI runs about   $75-ish
Metal Attachment combs run $35-ish for the set
I would NOT recommend buying these on Amazon, unless the supplier on Amazon is a reputable Pet Supply Distributor (eg. Cherrybrook, Petedge, Ryans, Groomerschoise, Showdogstore, Groomersmall, DrsFosterandSmith).    The reason for this, is that some ‘random’ sellers on ebay and amazon sometimes sell refurbished or ‘knock-off copies’ of popular items.     
I can’t verify this, but I read on some grooming forums that if the battery stops holding the charge, you can send the clipper to Wahl and they will replace the battery for a charge of $35 dollars.    I have had my ‘ORIGINAL’ Bravura 3 or 4 years and it is still working pretty good for me, although the run time/charge has dropped off.
Switch toggles from Left (LONGEST) to Right (SHORTEST)


5-in-1 Blade and it’s cut length uses
There is a toggle switch in the back of the Bravura that allows you to toggle and change the blade settings (see photo above).    Here is a chart for the 5 settings and what WE at Maltese Obsession use the blade settings for.    Our style may be very different then others, so please be aware that this is our personal use for our maltese.   
Note:   When this blade goes dull, you can purchase a new 5-in-1 Blade.   My first blade dulled after 2 years of use.
The 5-in-1 Blade Cut Lengths and Possible Uses:
  • Far Left            #9 = 3 mm cut   Best for summer cut on Body
  • 2nd from L     #10 a little shorter then 3mm
  • Middle             #15 best for tummy, hygiene, armpits
  • 2nd from R     #30 best for feet
  • Far Right      #40 = 0.1 mm cut    This is considered a ‘surgical cut‘ and I ONLY use this setting under a metal attachment comb.
The Bravura MINI has a SET blade that is NOT removable or switchable and has a #30 blade == great for FEET, but I also FLOAT the blade to do the armpits and tight spots that require a MINI clipper.

Bravura MINI
Safety:   Floating the clipper blade PARALLEL to the paw pad will ensure a safe clipping of the hairs on the bottom of the feet/pad area.
Entire set of Metal Attachment Combs
Shorter Length Cuts (Summer cuts, neck, face)
Longer Length Cuts (Winter cuts, legs, longer sides of face)
The metal attachment combs ‘occasionally’ come as a FREE SET, when you purchase the Bravura through a big pet supplier such as those I listed above.   This ‘FREE SET’ special comes out periodically and thus it is best to get on their mailing lists so that you can find out when this SPECIAL occurs.
I personally ‘virtually’ NEVER use the longer row of combs.   My FAVORITE combs are the RED, LAVENDAR and BLUE (the three shortest).   I use these to keep my maltese in a short body, and I keep their leg hairs in the ‘Town and Country’ cut legs.    
Most professional groomers will NOT TOUCH the plastic combs that come with the Bravura, as they DON’T work and if there is the slightest mat on your dog, the hair will PULL and hurt them —— THROW THE BLACK PLASTIC combs away…just saying’

There is much more to discuss on how to use these handy dandy clipper(S) as well as how to take care of them, but we’ll save that for future blog posts.
BONUS USE:    I kept my old worn out 5-in-1 blade and use this blade PLUS the metal combs to clip my son’s hair!!…works better then any human clipper that we have….
Pinky says Thank You  for Visiting MO!
Please drop us a note below, on Youtube or FB to let us know if this MO BLOG and Videos are helpful.
Note:   All fluffs as wells as their groomers have different tastes, needs and favorites.   Not every SPAW treatment need be the same.    Maltese Obsession is happy to share our PAWSITIVELY Perfect GO TO Grooming experiences.
Please acquire your dog through an ethical, reputable and HUMANE AKC breeder, or better yet, please consider adopting one of the many maltese or dogs available through your local rescue @   
Never, NEVER invest a single penny at a petstore that sells puppies….just sayin’…

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