Paw Spaw Part 1 – How to Clip the Paw Hairs using Bravura and BravMini

Paw Spaw – Clipping the Paw Hairs Using a Bravura and BravMini   Includes a Video Tutorial



Pinky d’Winky aka Pinky d’Stinky will be our model for a tutorial on how we, at Maltese Obsession, clip the hairs around our feet as well as around our paw pads.    
Pinky’s nickname is Pinky d’Stinky, because she is the one that has a stinkin’ cute personality.      Her favorite place to sleep is right under my neck, which makes it impossible for me to breathe…
We use a few different methods to clip the hairs within the paw pads as well as around the feet.       SHOP our Favorite GTGT on AMAZON
  1. Wahl Bravura at a #15 or #30 setting
  2. Wahl Bravura MINI – which as a #30 blade
  3. 4.5″ Pixi curved shears + 7″ curved shears
Today we will show you the Wahl Bravura and BravMini.
Note:   FLOAT the clipper PARALLEL to paw pad as shown above!

First let’s briefly discuss the Wahl Bravura & Bravura Lithium:
If you jump onto grooming blogs and forums, you will read many rave reviews and comments filled with adoration for this cord/cordless clipper.    The Bravura’s  claim to fame are:
  • QUIET — this will be demonstrated in the video
  • 5-in-1 blade  that doesn’t get HOT (does get warm)
  • Available in COOL Pretty Colors
  • Metal attachment combs that glide through hair – YES!
  • Cord or CORDLESS use ( I prefer CORDLESS)
  • Newer Lithium-ion battery is said to hold a longer charge
Bravura costs about            $129-ish (orig Brav hard to find)
Bravura Lithium about      $149-ish
Bravura MINI runs about   $75-ish
Metal Attachment combs run $35-ish for the set
I would NOT recommend buying these on Amazon, unless the supplier on Amazon is a reputable Pet Supply Distributor (eg. Cherrybrook, Petedge, Ryans, Groomerschoise, Showdogstore, Groomersmall, DrsFosterandSmith).    The reason for this, is that some ‘random’ sellers on ebay and amazon sometimes sell refurbished or ‘knock-off copies’ of popular items.     
I can’t verify this, but I read on some grooming forums that if the battery stops holding the charge, you can send the clipper to Wahl and they will replace the battery for a charge of $35 dollars.    I have had my ‘ORIGINAL’ Bravura 3 or 4 years and it is still working pretty good for me, although the run time/charge has dropped off.
Switch toggles from Left (LONGEST) to Right (SHORTEST)


5-in-1 Blade and it’s cut length uses
There is a toggle switch in the back of the Bravura that allows you to toggle and change the blade settings (see photo above).    Here is a chart for the 5 settings and what WE at Maltese Obsession use the blade settings for.    Our style may be very different then others, so please be aware that this is our personal use for our maltese.   
Note:   When this blade goes dull, you can purchase a new 5-in-1 Blade.   My first blade dulled after 2 years of use.
The 5-in-1 Blade Cut Lengths and Possible Uses:
  • Far Left            #9 = 3 mm cut   Best for summer cut on Body
  • 2nd from L     #10 a little shorter then 3mm
  • Middle             #15 best for tummy, hygiene, armpits
  • 2nd from R     #30 best for feet
  • Far Right      #40 = 0.1 mm cut    This is considered a ‘surgical cut‘ and I ONLY use this setting under a metal attachment comb.
The Bravura MINI has a SET blade that is NOT removable or switchable and has a #30 blade == great for FEET, but I also FLOAT the blade to do the armpits and tight spots that require a MINI clipper.

Bravura MINI
Safety:   Floating the clipper blade PARALLEL to the paw pad will ensure a safe clipping of the hairs on the bottom of the feet/pad area.
Entire set of Metal Attachment Combs
Shorter Length Cuts (Summer cuts, neck, face)
Longer Length Cuts (Winter cuts, legs, longer sides of face)
The metal attachment combs ‘occasionally’ come as a FREE SET, when you purchase the Bravura through a big pet supplier such as those I listed above.   This ‘FREE SET’ special comes out periodically and thus it is best to get on their mailing lists so that you can find out when this SPECIAL occurs.
I personally ‘virtually’ NEVER use the longer row of combs.   My FAVORITE combs are the RED, LAVENDAR and BLUE (the three shortest).   I use these to keep my maltese in a short body, and I keep their leg hairs in the ‘Town and Country’ cut legs.    
Most professional groomers will NOT TOUCH the plastic combs that come with the Bravura, as they DON’T work and if there is the slightest mat on your dog, the hair will PULL and hurt them —— THROW THE BLACK PLASTIC combs away…just saying’

There is much more to discuss on how to use these handy dandy clipper(S) as well as how to take care of them, but we’ll save that for future blog posts.
BONUS USE:    I kept my old worn out 5-in-1 blade and use this blade PLUS the metal combs to clip my son’s hair!!…works better then any human clipper that we have….
Pinky says Thank You  for Visiting MO!
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Note:   All fluffs as wells as their groomers have different tastes, needs and favorites.   Not every SPAW treatment need be the same.    Maltese Obsession is happy to share our PAWSITIVELY Perfect GO TO Grooming experiences.
Please acquire your dog through an ethical, reputable and HUMANE AKC breeder, or better yet, please consider adopting one of the many maltese or dogs available through your local rescue @   
Never, NEVER invest a single penny at a petstore that sells puppies….just sayin’…

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