Dolce’s Daily Care Routine: Maltese Brushing, Tear Stain Cleaning, Teeth Brushing and Top Knot

Dolce shares our daily morning ‘Maltese Care Routine’ in a video tutorial, which will include:

  • Top Knot Flip aka ‘Dolce’s Flip’ top knot
  • Tear stain cleaning and eye hair drying
  • Teeth brushing
  • Brush out
  • Dingle Berry (aka:   Hitch Hiker, po0-poo, visitor, doo-doo) removal
  • Post brush out ZOOMIES

Dolce hanging out with Pinky after the video shoot

Dolce:  last clipper groom 2 months ago!   She is growing out nicely!

Products discussed:   Link to our Favorites all Sourced on Amazon

  • Heart ponytail flip tool (available on Amazon)
  • Contact solution (any brand that contains Boric Acid).
  • Virbac C.E.T. Vanilla MINT Enzymatic Toothpaste
  • Virbac C.E.T.  small toothpaste
  • Chris Christensen Ice on Ice Detangling spray
  • Pure Paws Classic Shine Conditioning Spray
  • Madan Apple Green FIRM Cushion brush
  • Madan steel tail comb
  • Chris Christensen 7.5″ #000 Coarse/Fine Buttercomb

Links and more information about combs and brushes used are in the below listed blogs/vlog

Comb Review and Blog

Madan Brushes and Chris Christensen Burshes Reviewed

Green Madan Pin Brush with FIRM Cushion is reviewed here

Dolce and Pinky wanting a Special Treat after their Video Tutorial Tapings

1st VIDEO BLOG with DOLCE +++ 10% Discount on Madan Brushes and Combs

Video Blog Review:   Dolce will review the Madan Apple Green (FIRM Cushioned) Pin Brush


10% Discount on Madan Pin Brushes and Combs when you mention Maltese Obsession at checkout with coupon code MO10

10% Discount will be issued in the FORM OF A REFUND via PAYPAL after purchase is completed
Pretty Brush Bouquets
We’ve already reviewed: 
Baby Bear = Orange SOFTY
Mama Bear = Baby Blue MEDIUM
we can’t leave out
Papa Bear = Apple Green FIRM
Welcome to view our FIRST VIDEO BLOG aka MO VLOG.   We also show you how we do Dolce’s signature inside out ponytail flip top knot!
Dolce and the Maltese Obsession Pack hope you enjoyed our first video to greet all of our Maltese loving friends.    
Please come back and see more video blogs and tutorials.    We are hoping to come up with a fun idea for a brush giveaway!!!
Note:   All fluffs as wells as their groomers have different tastes, needs and favorites.   Not every SPAW treatment need be the same.    Maltese Obsession is happy to share our PAWSITIVELY Perfect GO TO Grooming experiences.

Combs + Combs + Combs (Part 1)

7.5 Inch Grooming Comb Review:
Combs are used EVERY SINGLE DAY, and multiple times each day!    A comb review is pretty hard to do in one pass.   There are tons of GOOD and GREAT choices.   We will look at just Grooming Combs today.    
Face, beard and flea combs will be covered in future posts.

I have used, loved and hated all kinds of different combs.   I let my dogs tell me what they like as their comfort is TOP PRIORITY when they get their SPA GROOMING treatment.     Light weight and high function are very important to me as the groomer.   
The truth is my heart LOVES the Chris Christensen special edition #000 Buttercomb.
#000 Chris Christensen Buttercomb 7 1/2 ” Long Tooth Fine/Coarse
It is BLUE and Crazy AMAZING!   Sadly, this blue special edition butter comb is not currently available.   I have had it for about 4 years and with the exception of ONE tooth being bent and a small corner chip in the paint, it works like BUTTER!
I LOVE CC combs.   The combs simply glide through the hair smoothly, ‘LIKE BUTTER’.   In the brush world my GO TO pin brush is a Madan over the CC pin (both are AWESOME).    In the comb world, my GO TO comb is the CC Buttercomb over the Madan (again these are my TOP 2).
Chris Christensen Buttercombs are the GOLD STANDARD for my GO TO GROOMING Comb + Detangler

In my daily grooming routine, I will search for mats after I do an initial brushing out with a Madan pin brush.    I always spritz with either the CC Ice on Ice or the PURE PAWS Classic Line SHINE Conditioning Spray (purple bottle) before any type of brushing.   
If I find any mats I spray the mat with CC ICE on ICE and then work out the mats with my fingers.   If the mat is small I just spray with ICE AND ICE and brush with the CC WOODEN PIN brush (works on mats like a charm).    This takes out most of the mat.    
Then I follow and finish the body with this CC 7 1/2″ Buttercomb.    I will once again spritz both  the area where the mat was as well as the COMB with IceONIce before combing.   
The CC Buttercomb will finish taking out all the loosened mats as well as CLEANLY brush out and separate all the hair.   (pictured above)
CC #000 Buttercomb in Blue vs MADAN X-Long Pin in Pink Aluminum

$32 on a CC comb is pretty steep.    There are some less expensive alternatives, but if you have multiple dogs and home groom,

I would recommend either the 
#000 $32 or the #005 $50 as a GO TO GROOMING Comb!

CC 7.5 Inch Buttercomb Coarse/Fine #000 $32
Madan 7.5″ Aluminum X-LONG Pins $20
The new Madan Aluminum 7/5″ with EXTRA LONGER PINS (pic above)  is actually equivalent to the CC #005, though the Madan pins are slightly shorter (1.4″ long vs the CC 1.625″).   The  ALUMINUM OVAL non-slip handle makes this comb EXTREMELY light for it’s size and appearance.   
I love the lightness of the aluminum body, as I am hard on my hands and they are starting to hurt from arthritis, so lightweight combs and brushes are a must for my GO TO Grooming needs.


The tips of the pins are SLIGHTLY pointier to the touch then the CC Buttercomb, but I really enjoyed the longer pins and the light weight feature of this comb. 

This comb is new and is available in Purple, Light Pink (pictured), Orange and Gold.    Definitely worth it’s weight for just $20.
Madan 7.5″ Aluminum X-Long Pins $20 —- the longer pins make it great to use with Clipper work
Add caption
Pictured above is another great feature about the longer pins on say a CC #005 or a Madan Aluminum 7.5″ Aluminum with Xtra Long pins.   Safety is really important when home grooming and the longer pins allow us groomers to use the comb as a tool/barrier when we are using a clipper.   This is very useful when clipping closer to the skin especially in the rump area or hygiene area.    
The longer pins are also FANTASTIC for fluffing the coat prior to using the clipper or prior to scissor clipping.    

We have a choice of the CC #005 for $50 or the Madan X-Long Alum for $20.   Great 1,2 choices!
Madan Pink 7.5″ Aluminum $13
A great inexpensive comparable comb to the amazing #000 would be the Madan 7.5″ Aluminum comb.    The PINK and GREEN have pins that are 1.14″ long, but the BLUE and PURPLE have pins just under 1″.   Sadly I find the 1″ pins too short and quite unfunctional for my uses.    I would move over to a face or beard comb if I want short pins.   
Again, the aluminum body makes this comb very lightweight and very useful for everyday grooming.   A great 2nd choice if you didn’t want to spend $32 on the #000 Buttercomb.
Madan SHINY Grooming Comb 7.5″   $20
Another great alternative is the Madan SHINY Grooming comb 7.5″, also available at   This is made of some type of Automobile Galvanized plated finish, with a COPPER round handle.    This comb comes in many colors and has COARSE + FINE pins.   The weight and overall size for the Blue CC#000 and this Madan SHINY 7/5″ are pretty identical.  
I would say it is definitely SLIGHTLY heavier then the 2  Aluminum Madan combs that I posted above, but if you like a solid shiny comb that is really a perfect size for everyday grooming, then this is a pretty good alternative.     
Petedge Master Grooming Greyhound Comb Fine/Coarse $7.43 on sale from $9.29
Master Grooming Greyhounds can be found at  and I thought I would try these out to see if they would hold up to my snobby comb preferences.
Above is the MGT 7.5″ Greyhound Fine/Coarse, which is only $7.43 on sale at the moment.   It is available in many colors and pictured above is the RAINBOW version.    The comb is noticeably and significantly heavier then both the CC combs and the Madan combs.    My eyes tell me that they should be just as good as my BLUE CC BUTTERCOMB, but somehow there is a huge disparity in the two combs.    
First, the SIGNIFICAANTLY heavier weight of the MGT comb makes me hate picking it up (sorry MGT).    Next, and more importantly my dogs didn’t like this comb anywhere near their legs.    
The hair doesn’t have that ‘LIKE BUTTER’ glide with this comb.    HOW can this be?    Isn’t stainless steel all the same?    In the cooking world, all stainless steel pots are NOT created equal.    I prefer using ALL CLAD stainless steel pots over any other less expensive brands. The ALL CLAD pots maintain their luster, are better conductors of heat, and for many other reasons make cooking an enjoyable and gourmet experience.
I think the same goes for the quality of the stainless steel that is used in Chris Christensen combs.    One of the earlier interviews I read about the making of the CC company was that CC was focused on the making a great product without consideration of making it less expensive for the consumer.    The stainless steel of the CC combs, must be likened to the high quality of the stainless steel that is used in my favored ALL CLAD cooking pots.
Sadly, my review of the MGT Grooming comb is that though it  is a great deal for a comb,  I would much rather pay a little more @ $13 and get a much better product with the Madan 7.5″ aluminum.    BETTER YET just fork out the $32 for the CC#000 or $50 for the #005 and LOVE grooming with it FOREVER!!!…just saying…


Wow, and we haven’t even touched on the rat tail comb nor the face/beard combs yet.    Forthcoming in the near future.
Thanks for reading.     Please feel free to share your thoughts on what your favorite grooming comb is!!


  • CC #000 Buttercomb 7 1/2″ Fine/Course:   Teeth are 1 1/16″ long (26 wide and 37 fine pins) $32
  • Madan Aluminum 7.5″ Lightweight Comb Fine/Coarse:   Teeth are 1.14″ (PINK or Green) or 1″ (blue or purple)  $13
  • Madan Shiny grooming 7 1/2″ Comb Fine/Coarse:    Teeth are 1.1″ (many colors) $20


  • CC #005 Buttercomb 7 1/2″ Long Tooth Fine/Course:    Teeth are 1 5/8″ long  @ $50
  • Madan Alum 7.5″ Xtra Long Pins:   Teeth are 1.4″ long (26 wide and 37 fine pins)  $20

Other must haves:    I will find comps for these CC combs in a future post

  • CC #006 Face & Feet Buttercomb 5″ long:   Teeth are 5/8″ long (spaced at 24/inch and 12/inch)
  • CC #008 Tail Comb ALL FINE:   7″ long with 4″ tail:    Teeth are 3/4″ long (spaced 16/inch)

Chris Christensen combs are found on their website at
Madan combs and brushes are found  

Note:   All fluffs as wells as their groomers have different tastes, needs and favorites.   Not every SPAW treatment need be the same.    Maltese Obsession is happy to share our PAWSITIVELY Perfect GO TO Grooming experiences.



Top Knot Bands, Cheeries & TEA Parties?!

Obsession with Top Knot Bands & Tea Sets’.
What in the world am I gibbering about?    Most people would find me quite strange to make such a big deal about TOP KNOT RUBBER BANDS.   Oh well!!!    Somebody out there in cyberspace must understand me.
I LOVE having my dogs wear their hair up in top knots.   Tweety pictured above uses up a ton of top knot bands as she has the longer ears and a very long top knot in a FUSION KOREAN cut.
Tweety in her pigtails, uses quite a few top knot bands from Claires.
I have purchased hair bands from all types of specialty dog stores and dog bow stores and craft stores over the years.   MOST of the bands purchased from specialty dog related stores as well as beauty supply stores have FAILED!!!    They were too big, too small, too slippery, too stiff., too thin, too thick, broke hair, tangled the hair, snapped/broke easily…..etc, etc, etc.     Sorry, I have to admit that I am pretty darn picky about my hair bands — BOTH for my dogs as well as for my girls and myself.
Today there are TONS of good choices for the Perfect Go To Top Knot Band.    A smorgasbord of choices!!
BUFFET TABLE OF BANDS — nom..nom…nom
Buffet table of edible treats! ~~~  we love parties at Maltese Obsession!
Fun with so many choices of bands in a rainbow of colors

After years of searching I used to only find GOOD bands in 2 places (Claires and    Today, I can find great bands EVERYWHERE!   Thanks to the latest TOY craze, there are CRAZY LOOM rubber bands all over town.     girls are making LOOM BRACELETS using a plastic device and colorful rubber bands.   These LOOM kits can be bought at toy stores, Michaels, Claires Accessory stores etc.   Not all loom rubber bands are perfect for top knots.   They vary VASTLY in thickness, stretchability and weight.    We use the loom bands that are on the lighter side.

Rubber bands don’t go to waste in our house with three human girls that love to play with hair styles, piggy tails and top knots!!!


From Bottom to Top:   1) SNAG FREE bands in lavender and white 2) Loom bands (rainbow) 3-6) Claires hair bands (hello, green, light blue, lavender) Last is Hello Kitty kit LOOM bands (pink, hot pink, black_
Loom kit rubber bands — this set did NOT cause ANY hair breakage.   They were also very light weight!
The above bands are all made for LOOMING!
Cheerios and Loom Kit Bands
Here is where the CHEERIOS come in.   The PERFECT band size for me happens to be the size where a CHEERIO will fit inside!   
1/4″ Latex bands on TOP of the Cheerios are TOOOOOO small
The above picture shows TINY 1/4″ latex bands that I bought from a dog BOW SPECIALTY store on-line.    My fingers are huge and these TINY bands do not work.    You can see one in the above picture sitting on TOP of a cheerio.

Above you can see the PASTEL bands on the RIGHT SIDE of the cake plate.   These are from CLAIRES Accessory stories and they are LITTLE GIRL HAIR BANDS.    These have been my FAVORITE for years now.   These little girl hair bands are THINNER then most looming bands.   
On the left side of the cake plate:


Top — looming bands from a toy store (a Hello Kitty kit with light pink, hot pink and black)


Middle — thinner hair bands included when you purchase a Madan Top Knot scissor. (lavender, white)


Bottom — looming bands that are pretty thick and hold top knots for at least several days! (rainbow of colors)


Madan $5 band scissors come with SNAG FREE bands ~~


The above picture shows what you get when you purchase the Madan band scissor.   When I first received this bag of bands free with the Madan band scissor, I ended up ordering more scissors, just to get extra bags of these nice bands.   They are thinner bands and are a bit slippery, so I found that they do break easier and the top knot slips out a bit quicker.    I still love these hair bands and will continue to enjoy using them, as I like having these thin bands, when I do styles where I do not want the band to show.

NOTE:    these snag free bands are available for sale at    LOVE THEM!!!

PUPPIES, would benefit from the LIGHT WEIGHT and THINNER human hair bands.   I would NOT recommend using loom bands on puppies as they would be considered MED to Heavy weight and would definitely not be comfortable for a puppy that you are training to wear a TOP KNOT.


Looming bands are thicker then Madan or Claires snag free bands
Tweety above is in between grooms and I just washed her face so her fur is wet around her nose and eyes.  I am growing her hair out so that I can video tape how I do a Korean fusion cut on her face.   When I put her hair up in this style, it will STAY NICE AND CLEAN FOR 5 days to 1 week!     Gotta like that!


What is with the tea party you might ask?   I LOVE going to tea and I have two daughters that never get tired of tea parties.   We collected so many tea sets over the years that we love to pull them out to play or drink hot cocoa or lemonade or WHATEVER!


My younger daughter had so much fun organizing the bands into the little tea cups.    I love how she arranged them so much that I added the TEA SET OF BANDS to my grooming station!!!




Note:   All fluffs as wells as their groomers have different tastes, needs and favorites.   Not every SPAW treatment need be the same.    Maltese Obsession is happy to share our PAWSITIVELY Perfect GO TO Grooming experiences.

The Glamorous Band Scissor? $5 that saves those TOP KNOTS!

Top Knot Band Scissor Review

I love the old saying “You Get What You Pay For!”.    I like chirping this line when I am justifying buying top end kitchen items, designer cosmetics and of course high end couture grooming tools!   

Madan band scissor isolating the rubber band
In the last post I mentioned the Designated Doo-Doo comb and scissor.   
Another LOW COST tool packed with HIGH FUNCTION, in OUR home is the simple $5 Madan Band Scissor.     They come in a variety of colors and are available at     Jenny will give you the most amazing customer service around.
How many of you out there have painstakingly and ever so patiently grown out your dogs top knot hair!?   This is not for the impatient hearts, and I AM VERY IMPATIENT.    All of my dogs wear top knots.   

I still remember the HORROR of being lazy and not using the BAND SCISSOR to cut out the rubber band from a top knot when YIKES — I snipped some of the PRECIOUS TOP KNOT HAIR.   
I also snipped the front section, so of course these hairs now had to be pinned back until they grew back long enough to be held in the top knot band.   Yes, I had to pay for my laziness and impatience in quickly snipping.    
Maybe it is just me, but growing out the top knot hair really is a test of my patience.   Mostly because I feel bad for my dogs having me clip the loose hairs that aren’t long enough to be banded.   I like seeing that their eyes are clear and not being poked by pesky hairs.   
After my lazy accident, I have these tiny band scissors in every Grooming Bouquet, in every room.   I also have a couple in the dogs bathing area.   These $5 band scissors really make it easy to see that I ONLY HAVE THE RUBBER BAND IN THE SCISSOR.   Yeah!!!

Flipping the top know forward over the dogs face and cutting the band from the BACK side of topknot
Tips that I like to show my kids when they help me with redoing the dogs top knot is to always cut the rubber band from behind the ponytail.    That way, if they accidentally snip any hairs the shorter hairs will not be in front of the face, but behind the ponytail.    Using the band scissor correctly essentially alleviates any precious top know hairs from being sliced, but still I like my kids to be careful and always cut from behind the ponytail.

I personally find that having my hands holding the ponytail, before pulling on the rubber band, helps me catch the band after I cut it.   This will prevent the rubber band from hurting my sweet fluff.   By pulling the band you will hopefully see that no hairs are caught in the scissor.   If you look closely here, there is 1 (one) single hair caught and will get snipped!

Here is another angle. You can see my hands and fingers are protecting the face and head of my dog as I
  1. Isolate one strand of the rubber band
  2. pull away, while holding the top knot with my fingers to prevent pulling on my dogs head
  3. snip the band

My finger going INTO band before cutting — to catch it when it retracts
This picture shows that after I stretch the band to ensure I only have the band — I SLIDE MY FINGER into the band before I actually SNIP.    The band POPS onto my finger and I catch it, just in case it snaps and unravels.    Kind of never will hurt the dog if you don’t do this, but I just have a habit to do this as a safety precaution.    I don’t really think it is necessary for everyone…but since my daughter took these photos…might as well post them!!

Now back to the old saying ‘”You get what you pay for”!    I LOVE this saying.


I thought I would get a fancy pair of Band Scissors.    Instead of $5 for the Madan ones, I paid $15!    They had to be better, RIGHT?!!


WRONG!!!   See the picture below — yuck!


Expensive Band Scissors —- I didn’t ‘GET WHAT I PAID FOR’ this time!



The above picture are my HIGH END Expensive Band Scissors!!…OOPS!!


I purchased the Madan Pink band scissor over 4 years ago — STILL LIKE NEW



I’ve owned the above two band scissors for the same number of years…can’t remember, but it’s over 4 years.   Both of these have been sitting at my main grooming station!     YUCK on my fancy expensive ones.   Yes, that is rust!    WHAT?!!!

End of my story…


Orange Smooth vs Baby Blue Favorite

Madan Orange Softy Pin Brush vs Baby Blue

I ordered an Orange Soft Regular Madan Pin brush after writing my first blog post ‘Battle of my Favorite Brushes:  Part 1’.   It just felt like I needed to KNOW whether there was a brush out there that would oust my GROOMING GO TO Baby Blue Perfection Brush!.
Is SOFTER Better??????   Left:   Baby Blue MED vs Orange SOFT
Baby Blue Regular with MED Cushion vs Orange Regular with SOFTY Cushion (Madan $22)
The ‘Battle of my Favorite Brushes:   Part 1’ is here in case you missed it
Rather then keep myself wondering if the Orange Softy might be better then my Faithful Baby Blue, I placed an order with Jenny and ordered some new items to create a new Brush/Comb Bouquet.     I will be busy testing out some of these new combs out to battle against my GROOMING GO TO COMBS.
My sweet fluffs did a great job helping me test out Orange Softy for the last 3 days.    Each of my maltese have different areas where they prefer a GENTLER brushing.   


Orange SOFTY vs Baby Blue MEDIUM


First, I opened the Orange Softy and tested it out on my arm as well as my own scalp.    I did a BLIND test and closed my eyes and tested the brush on my arm as well (it’s the scientist in me).     Honestly speaking I was surprised to find that the pin tips seemed a bit sharper then the pin tips of my BABY BLUE. Visually the pins seemed identical but there was definitely a difference in the tips of the new Orange Softy.   


Look at the Pins on my ‘OLDIE BUT GOODIE BABY BLUE!     Looks brand new after 4 years of daily use!


Now I must factor in that I have had my BABY BLUE for over 4 years now and I use it daily.   It LOOKS BRAND NEW, but over the 4 years it is possible that the tips of each pin have been dulled out some, which might explain that fact that the tips of the BABY BLUE are softer/gentler on the skin then the BRAND NEW ORANGE SOFTY.
Hmmmm what does DOLCE think of the Orange Softy??
Now before I share with you a CLEAR WINNER in the Grooming Go To Brush OFF,  here is a story that comes to mind.   
Goldilocks and the three bears!    Baby bear cub tried out the porridge that was TOO HOT — not good.     Baby bear tasted TOO COLD — not good.     Baby bear tasted and LOVED the porridge that was PERFECT!!!


TOO SOFT???    The pins TURN with the slightest hair tangle — thus pins TWIST & RELEASE (no pulling and hurting the dog if there is a mat or slight tangle)


MO’s Maltese tried out the brush that was TOO HARD — not good.     MO’s Maltese tried the brush that was TOO SOFT — twas almost good.    
MO’s Maltese is sticking with the brush that is PERFECT GROOMING GO TO BRUSH BABY BLUE!
The Orange Softy Regular and the Lavendar Soft SMALL are GOOD BRUSHES!    The story above was just sharing that it didn’t make it into the PERFECT BRUSH category for the Maltese Obsession Pack.    I’ve had the Lavendar Small Softy for over 3 years and while I do use in regularly, my dogs as well as I LOVE our Baby Blue Regular.    
The soft cushion of the Orange Smoothy is slightly too soft to get a completely perfect brushing on the ares that have longer hair.    On our maltese I need a firmer cushion for the legs and tail where the hair is longer.    The orange cushion is so soft that the pins turn before they completely brush out and fluff out the hair.   I can achieve a TOTAL brush out with multiple strokes, but I like to save time and brush them out quickly so that there is more time to play fetch with them.    The fact that the PIN’S TURN DUE TO THE SOFT CUSHION IS AN IDEAL FEATURE IF THERE ARE ANY MATS, as the pins will release any TOUGH MATS rather then PULL AND HURT YOUR DOG!     
I am very happy that I own the Orange Softy Regular and the Lavendar Softy Small as these soft cushion brushes are very much needed to brush out sensitive areas that have accumulated some mats.   I would also use these if I was grooming a guest fluff that might be sensitive to brushing in the legs.   The best reason to own these is that they look LOVELY IN BY BRUSH BOUQUET vases!    Only the top brushes are included in our Brush Bouquets!   The Orange Softy is a welcome addition to my Waterford Vases.
USES:    These steel pin brushes are excellent for daily brushing, brushing and straightening the hair during blow drying.
All Madan pin brushes can be purchased from Jenny at        Currently the colors with the same MEDIUM pin cushion in REGULAR has current stock in the colors (black, lavender and pink), but stock refreshes and the other colors should come back available.   The smaller brush with the MED pin cushion has current stock in (baby blue, blue, green, orange, pink and purple).
Now that I know that our MO pack favors the REGULAR pin cushion, I can collect all the other colors for my Brush Bouquets!    What colors should we get to fill our vases???     
Note:   All fluffs as well as their groomers have different tastes, needs and favorites.   These are just our preferences based on our needs and preferences.     We welcome you to share what your PERFECT GROOMING GO TO BRUSHES are with us!


  • Madan Small is    $20    9 rows of 22mm pins 
  • Madan Regular is $22   11 rows of 22 mm pins  
  • Madan Oblong is $20    7 rows of 22 mm pins

Note:   All fluffs as wells as their groomers have different tastes, needs and favorites.   Not every SPAW treatment need be the same.    Maltese Obsession is happy to share our PAWSITIVELY Perfect GO TO Grooming experiences.

Please acquire your dog through an ethical, reputable and HUMANE AKC breeder, or better yet please consider adopting one of many maltese and other dogs available through your local rescue @  

Never, never invest a single penny at a petstore that sells puppies…just saying…

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