Pure Paws Travel Kits = 10% Discount Code is ‘MO10’

Not sure which shampoo line is GOOD, BETTER and BEST for your Pet Maltese?

Pure Paws is Tweety’s GT Shampoo!

Pure Paws does sell travel kits for most of their lines.    The advantage of trying out the Travel Sized Kits is that you can see how much you like the line before buying larger bottles.    I REGRET buying the Gallon bottles as I have given so much away == it lasts forever even if you groom a lot or have a large pack of dogs.


H2O – Hydration for Dry Coats

I recommend trying the Travel sizes as you still dilute 8:1 (Warm Water -> Product) so these travel sizes will give you ample number of shampoos to give you a good chance to evaluate the efficacy of the particular line!

Sadly the Silk Basics line does not happen to have a Travel Kit available.

10% Discount use Code:   MO10

Reconstructing Line Travel Kit – Normal Maintenance
FORTE - Damaged Coat and/or Breakage
FORTE – Damaged Coat and/or Breakage
Oats and Aloe Travel Kit – Puppies, Skin Dryness or Skin Allergies


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